Applications & Admissions

Study At Trinity

The Applications and Admissions team provide information about admission requirements and administrates applications to undergraduate and postgraduate courses by EU and Non-EU students.

EU/Non-EU Status for Admissions

The correct process for application is determined by whether the applicant is eligible to apply as an EU or a Non-EU student, which refers to residency in the EU rather than EU citizenship. Detailed criteria on EU/Non-EU status is available here:

Undergraduate EU/Non-EU Status

Postgraduate EU/Non-EU Status

It is strongly advised to evaluate your status before starting an application to study at Trinity College Dublin. All of this information, and much more, is available on the Study At Trinity website.

Garda Vetting

  1. Students on courses with clinical or other professional placements may be required to undergo Garda vetting procedures prior to commencing placements. If, as a result of the outcome of the Garda vetting procedures, a student is deemed unsuitable to attend clinical or other professional placement, he/she may be required to withdraw from his/her course.
  2. Students who have resided outside Ireland for a consecutive period of 6 months or more will be required to provide police clearance documentation from the country in which they resided at the time of registration.
  3. Garda vetting forms will be distributed (as part of the student orientation information) to students who have been offered a place in Trinity. The completed forms must be returned to the Academic Registry prior to registration.

General guidelines for completing the Garda Vetting process are available on the Orientation website here:

Garda Vetting requirements and procedures will vary depending on the course you are attending. Please read the specific requirements for your course here:

Health Screening

Students on courses with clinical placements may be required to undergo health screening. Health screening must be completed by 5 October 2018 or a student will be withdrawn from their course and a readmission fee may apply. As this process will take some time, it is important that you begin it immediately.

General guidelines for completing the health screening process are available on the orientation website here:

Please check to see if your course is listed with health screening requirements in the ‘Important Course Information’ section here:


Request an Admissions Prospectus

The Trinity College Dublin admissions prospectus can be downloaded using the links below. If you wish to request a print copy of the prospectus please contact the Academic Registry providing a name and postal address or alternatively drop into our Service Desk.