AR Enhancement

Academic Registry Enhancement Programme

What is the Academic Registry Enhancement Programme?

The overall objective of this Programme was to develop the Academic Registry and ensure that it can provide the services required to support the student lifecycle, support schools in delivering College’s mission, and to enable the College to grow student numbers with confidence that the structures, processes and systems in the Academic Registry can support that growth.

The Programme was an integrated change Programme with a number of workstreams. It will be delivered in three phases over 2015. The phased approach is designed to deliver incremental improvements over the year and to have a direct impact on reputation, on the satisfaction of existing students and the ability to attract future students.


Concluding Update February 2016

As a result of the programme the AR is now in a much improved position to provide the support required by students and staff and is well placed to support increasing student numbers in the future.

While there, remains further work to embed the changes made in the last year and to implement all of the process changes designed as part of the programme the AR has a solid foundation on which to build.

Programme Deliverables

  • Design and rollout of a new organisational structure which provides clear accountability for key functions and the basis for far greater flexibility in the way resources are allocated to meet the needs of students and staff
  • Integration of the Student Finance team into the AR structure to provide a more integrated service to students
  • Migration of the student cases teams into the AR which will  allow for future process improvements in this key area
  • Provisions of a dedicated staff help line (4501) to streamline internal communication and provide greater context for those answering the query.
  • Enhanced service delivery including provision of training for AR staff, development and publishing of metrics and KPIs, Improved processes for logging, escalating and reporting on calls
  • Definition of processes for problem management that will allow for root cause analysis of issues and identify further opportunities for process and service improvement
  • Establishment of an AR Forum to improve engagement with schools and other key stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Enhanced communications through drop in clinics, Exams roadshows and the introduction of Heads of School briefings
  • Improved student engagement through surveys, AR forum and ‘My Registry experience’ initiative where students are invited into AR to discuss issues and provide input to service improvement
  • A number of systems improvements designed to improve efficiency and reduce work arounds have been developed as part of the programme. These changes will benefit the AR, Students and schools. These systems enhancements include enhanced registration functionality, provision of online application for visiting students for the first time, the implementation of electronic payments for students
  • Re-engineering of in excess of 100 business processes across the entire student life cycle. This has resulted in greater efficiencies and improved service.
  • Migration of data. A very significant deliverable from the programme has been the cleaning and migration of student data from Admin 5 to the SITS system. Almost 900,000 student records have been created in SITS. This will provide a strong basis for enhanced reporting in the future.

The Team

The Programme team is a mix of internal and external resources and provides subject matter expertise, as well as expertise in change management, service management and process reengineering.

Responsibility within the Programme team for the business areas and workstreams have been allocated as follows:

Director, AR Enhancement Programme

Pat Millar (Clarion Consulting)

Business Leads

Academic Registry: Leona Coady (Academic Registry)

Admissions: Sue Power and Gillian Fitzpatrick (Academic Registry)

AR Directorate: Lynnea Connolly (Academic Registry)

Exams, Assessment and Progression: Mary McMahon and Breeda Cahill (Academic Registry)

Service Desk: Audrey O'Hare (Academic Registry)

Student Finance: Dermot Cronin (Academic Registry)

Student Records: Lee Annett (Academic Registry)

Workstream Leads

Change: James Doyle (Clarion Consulting)

Communications: Lynnea Connolly (Academic Registry)

Data: Peter Hynes (Academic Registry)

Modularisation: Aideen Long, Dean of Graduate Studies

Process: Jim Nugent (Clarion Consulting)

System: Geraldine Nee (Clarion Consulting)

Service: Jim Nugent (Clarion Consulting)