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The Zoology Degree

Post grad laboratory

The Zoology degree provides specific knowledge about animal biology and the associated academic disciplines including physiology, ecology, conservation, embryonic development, evolution, parasitology, entomology and wildlife biology in both marine and terrestrial environments.

In addition, the courses and activities undertaken through 3rd and 4th years provide opportunities for students to learn and practice high level skills in evaluation of evidence, critical thinking, quantitative analysis and written and oral communication. This broad and transferable skill set provides a solid scientific framework from which to think creatively and explore the natural world and its interactions with human society.

In the first two (Freshman) years the student takes a range of science courses. These choices are set out in the College Calendar.

In the Junior Sophister (JS, 3rd) year, the students have a mixture of mandatory and optional specialisations which build on the Biology foundations in the Freshman years, with further focus in the Senior Sophister (SS, 4th) year through a choice of small-group Tutorials and the Project and Thesis. These choices allow the student to select their desired balance of courses for a general zoology degree. Throughout both Sophister years there is a strong emphasis on 'hands-on' aspects, with a high laboratory component and a choice of local and international field trips.

Further information on course structure can be found for third and forth year on our handbook page.

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