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Complex Ecological and Evolutionary Systems

Complex Ecological and Evolutionary Systems

The Complex Ecological and Evolutionary Systems research group primarily develop mathematical and computational models to understand the processes and mechanisms underlying a wide variety of biological systems. The sometimes over-whelming complexity of biological systems can often be broken down into its constituent parts and re-assembled using theoretical models and studied in ways that would otherwise be impossible. The coupling of experimental and field studies with modelling approaches opens up the potential to ask new and exciting questions about biological systems. A collaborative approach to science is central to much of the work conducted by the Complex Ecological and Evolutionary Systems research group.

Group Members

photo of andrew jackson
Dr Andrew Jackson
Principal Investigator
photo of Marvin Qiang Yang
Marvin Qiang Yang
PhD student
photo of Geogria O''Sullivan
Georgia O'Sullivan
PhD student
photo of Alen Dzidic
Prof Alen Dzidic
Visiting Professor
photo of Rafael Delcourt
Dr Rafael Delcourt
de Seixas Ferreira

Visiting postdoctoral
photo of Ryan Andrades
Ryan Carlos de Andrades
Visiting PhD student



Dr Kevin Healy - PhD 2015, postdoc here in zoology with Prof Yvonne Buckley working on life history strategies in plants and animals.

Dr Adam Kane - PhD 2014, postdoc at University College Cork working on the movement ecology of seabirds with John Quinn.

Dr Luke McNally - PhD 2013, now at University of Edinburgh working on the evolution of collective behaviour in bacteria among other organisms.

Dr Colby Tanner - Research Fellow 2009-2012.

Dr Mafalda Viana - PhD 2012, now at University of Glasgow developing models to infer underyling population mechanisms in the context of ecological stability and complexity.

Dr Brian Dermody - MSc 2009, now a researcher at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands working on food production and redistribution in an historical and contemporary setting using socio-ecological models.

Gül Deniz Salalı - UREKA summer studentship 2009, now a PhD student in Evolutionary Anthropology at University College London.

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