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photo of Alen Dzidic

Prof Alen Dzidic
Visiting Professor

Alen Dzidic

Visiting Professor from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of physiology of lactation, milk production, and machine milking. I work on the improvement of milkability in several dairy species. A second area of interest is the preparation and analysis of data in statistical programs SAS and R. A third area of interest is the history of agriculture.

Selected Publications

Salamon D., B. Gutierrez-Gil, J. J. Arranz, J. Barreta, V. Batinic, A. Dzidic, 2014. Genetic diversity and differentiation of 12 eastern Adriatic and western Dinaric native sheep breeds using microsatellites. Animal 8 (2), 200-207 doi

Dzidic A., J. Macuhova, R. M. Bruckmaier, 2004. Effects of cleaning duration and water temperature on oxytocin release and milk removal in an automatic milking system. Journal of Dairy Science 87 (12), 4163-4169 doi

Dzidic A., M. Kaps, R. M. Bruckmaier, 2004. Machine milking of Istrian dairy crossbreed ewes: udder morphology and milking characteristics. Small Ruminant Research 55 (1-3), 183-189 doi

Weiss D., A. Dzidic, R. M. Bruckmaier, 2003. Effect of stimulation intensity on oxytocin release before, during and after machine milking. Journal of Dairy Research 70 (3), 349-354 doi

Halachmi I., Dzidic A., J. H. M. Metz, L. Speelman, A. A. Dijkhuizen, J. P. C. Kleijnen, 2001. Validation of simulation model for robotic milking barn design. European journal of operational research, 134 (3), 677-688 doi


Undergraduate studies

History of agriculture
Basics of lactation and machine milking

Graduate studies

Introduction to SAS and R
SAS and R programming
Writing and presenting a scientific work

Postgraduated studies

Scientific and Research System
Lactation and machine milking of domestic animals

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