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Higher Education Access Route

What is HEAR?
HEAR is a college and university admissions scheme for school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Eligible students compete for a quota of reduced points places in the colleges that run HEAR. Students who get a college or university place through HEAR also get a range of personal, academic and social supports while they are studying at third level.

How do I know if I am eligible for HEAR?
Please visit the HEAR website to find out:

  • which colleges take part in HEAR
  • which students are eligible for HEAR
  • how many places are available
  • how and where to apply for HEAR
  • what kind of support students get through HEAR.

How many places are there in Trinity for HEAR students each year?
Trinity College Dublin has committed in its strategic plan to a 25% intake of students from non-traditional backgrounds by 2019. This includes socio-economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities and mature students. At present, there is a quota of approximately 7.5% of places in Trinity reserved for socio-economically disadvantaged young adults. HEAR students compete for places in this quota. In 2015, 185 students accepted places in Trinity through HEAR.

For information the number of HEAR places available in each course for September 2016 please see:

What are Trinity’s entry requirements for students applying through HEAR?
If you are applying for a place in Trinity through HEAR, you must:

  • meet Trinity’s entry (matriculation) requirements
  • meet the specific requirements for the course of your choice
  • have at least 80 – 95% of the Leaving Certificate points for the course of your choice. Points reductions on any given course are determined by the number of places available in the course and the level of demand and, as such, cannot be reliably predicted in advance.

Can I apply for a reserved place in the Church of Ireland College of Education through HEAR?
Trinity College accredits courses in the Church of Ireland College of Education in Rathmines. You can apply for a reserved place in this college through HEAR.  

Need more information?

HEAR Application Guide and Workbook

HEAR Information Flyer
HEAR Application Guide Video
Talk: to your school guidance counsellor
Phone: 018962751
Email: HEAR

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