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Scholarship Testimonials

"The Pathways to Law scholarship has helped me further myself in so many ways. Firstly, knowing that help is always around when I need it really eased me into the first year of college. Overall, without this programme I believe that I would have struggled through my first year of college, between feeling left out, not being able to fully concentrate on college due to work and financial stress the Pathways to Law scholarship really made college a fun time for me, and makes me look forward to the next three years". (Senior Freshman, Law and Business Student)

"It has helped tremendously when it comes to funding the costs of college especially during clinical placements where the costs of travel and uniform expectations are so expensive. The help of the scholarships has really helped me financially and allowed me to remain focused on the most important thing- my studies". (Senior Sophister, Occupational Therapy Student)

"Thankfully this scholarship enabled me to be able to stay on campus for longer. This in turn has meant that I tried out different extra-curricular activities. I have found a club in which I have become a committed member. I have luckily made many friends just from being able to hang around on campus and from being able to try out different clubs". (Senior Freshman, BESS Student)

"The scholarship has helped in so many ways both big and small. Even though the scholarship is only a small amount each month it goes such a long way, and I'm extremely grateful that I have been awarded it. It has had such an impact on my financial situation this year and I hope this will continue on my years to come at Trinity College Dublin". (Senior Freshman, Medicine Student)

"The scholarship that I have received from A&L Goodbody has played a significant role for me in getting to this point in college. I would not be where I am today without this scholarship. This scholarship has had a huge impact on my life. It allows me to go to college every day and focus on my studies. I would just like to say a huge thank you to those at A&L Goodbody for choosing me to be a recipient of the Rodney Overend Scholarship. I do not think that I will be able to express with words how grateful I am. I honestly do not believe that I would be in college today if it were not for this scholarship". (Senior Sophister, Law and Political Student)


TAP Student & Alumni Blog


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