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Trinity Education Project

Trinity Education Project

Welcome to the Trinity Education Project (TEP) Website. Here you will find all the latest news and information regarding the Trinity Education Project. TEP developed out of the 2014 - 2019 Strategic Plan's goals to renew & refresh Trinity's undergraduate curriculum. TEP is now in phase 4 Implementation.

Latest TEP Publications
TEP Resources - Dec 2017 (consolidated)
Guidelines for Student Workload and Assessment- Dec 2017
TEP-relevant Workshop
Developing manageable, meaningful assessments - 01 Feb 2018
Overview of the Project and current status available here

Quick Reference Links

The Project has reviewed and brought forward policy / recommendations on the entire Trinity undergraduate curriculum, including teaching, assessment, learning outcomes and logistics. The following is a list of key curriculum components TEP has focused on and developed, with links to further information for each item.

Academic Year Structure

For the 2018 / 2019 academic year Trinity will adopt a two semester academic year structure.

Assessment Framework

An agreed assessment framework that reflects the curriculum principles, is coherent at programme level, introduces diversity into teaching, learning and assessment strategies and facilitates a move away from the strong focus on assessment of learning.

Capstone Project

A compulsory, independent piece of work completed in an undergraduate's final year.

Curriculum Principles & Programme Architecture

Broad principles and structures underpinning the design and delivery of the curriculum for all Trinity's undergraduate programmes.

Internships & Student Mobility

Recommendations are in development that will increase accessibility / opportunity for undergraduates to take up an academic internship and study abroad.

Module Size Regulations

Regulations in relation to module sizes and balanced credit load.

Progression & Awards Regulations - Link to summary document

A new set of regulations applied to all undergraduate programmes of study to ensure transparent, clear, equitable, intelligible academic processes that is meaningful to all stakeholders and also administratively manageable.

Trinity Education Project: Phased Implementation of Curriculum Architecture

The new curriculum architecture will be introduced into undergraduate programmes on a phased basis in 2018/19 (Phase 1 programmes) and 2019/20 (Phase 2 programmes).   

Trinity Electives (TE) & Approved Modules (AM)

A new set of modules being developed that will allow undergraduates more broad learning opportunities both outside (TE) and inside (AM) their programmes of study.

Trinity Graduate Attributes

Qualities, skills and understandings that every undergraduate will have the opportunity to develop as part of their programme of study.

A full list of all of TEP documentation that has been discussed/ approved at University Council can be found here. (Local access only)

Please peruse the site and contact us at if you cannot locate the information you require.