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Mental Health


Aware undertakes to create a society where people affected by stress, depression, bipolar and mood disorders are understood, supported, free from stigma, and are encouraged to access appropriate therapies. Supports available include a Free Phone Support Helpline, Support Email, nationwide Support Groups and Life Skills Programmes.



Headstrong is The National Centre for Youth Mental Health - a non-profit organisation supporting young people's mental health in Ireland.

Mental Health Ireland

Mental Health Ireland aims to promote positive mental health and to actively support persons with a mental illness, their families and carers by identifying their needs and advocating their rights. is a service dedicated to taking the mystery out of mental health.

Students Against Depression

Students Against Depression has been developed in consultation with students who have been affected by depression, low mood or suicidal thoughts. Many of their stories and suggestions are included on the site.


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Last updated 12 September 2016