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New to College?

Hi there. How are you getting on in your first year in college? Hopefully you are settling in, enjoying your independence and social life and managing your workload effectively.

Based on feedback on the main academic challenges faced by students. Click here for the report from conference "SLD Transitions into College: different voices and different experiences" funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (Feb 2015). We can suggest some further resources from the Student Learning Development website to help you on your academic journey.

"What does the lecturer mean when they talk about critical thinking?"

Critical thinking is the ability to ask questions and analyse information objectively to form an opinion or make a decision. For further information check out:

"How do I structure and write an academic essay?"

Check out this video from Dr. Alan Tuffery who works with Student Learning Development and has many years' experience as a lecturer correcting students' assignments.

"How do I manage my time?"

Here is a potted 5 minute lesson in time management from Dr Tamara O'Connor from Student Learning Development.

Further help

For further information check out our calendar for workshop programme and services and our Blackboard module Academic Skills for Successful Learning at or email us at

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