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Planning Assignments

Essay writing task list to help students to work backwards from the deadline to complete different tasks.

Word Icon Planning Assignments- (MS Word 113 kB)

Writing Assignment Kit

This is a hands-on guide which takes you through the process of completing a writing assignment from the planning stages to submitting your essay and getting feedback.

PDF Icon Essay Writing Kit - (Adobe PDF 817 kB)

Essay Writing Strategies

This is a 2 page guide identifying key strategies and the steps needed to complete and submit an essay.

Word Icon Essay Writing Strategies - (MS Word 121 kB)


Notemaking Strategies

Suggested methods for taking good notes and becoming an active listener.

Word Icon Notemaking Strategies - (MS Word 110 kB)


Revision and Examination Strategies

Strategies for preparing for your exams

Word Icon Revision and Examination Strategies - (MS Word 113 kB)

Revision and Examination Strategies for Science & Engineering

Strategies for preparing for your exams in the Sciences and Engineering.

Word Icon Revision and Examination Strategies for Science and Engineering- (MS Word 104 kB)

Exam Day Performance

Strategies for giving your best exam performance on the day.

Word Icon Exam Day Performance- (MS Word 116 kB)


Presentation skills

Methods for preparing and giving effective presentations.

Word IconPresentation Skills- (Adobe PDF 64kB)


Reading Strategies

Techniques for active reading – e.g. survey, question, read, review and recall.

Word Icon Reading Strategies- (MS Word 108 kB)


Concentration Strategies

This handout covers identifying internal and external distractions and looking at applying corrective strategies such as active learning, visualisation, positive thinking and building up concentration time.

Word Icon Concentration Strategies- (MS Word 109 kB)

powerpoint Concentration & Procrastination (MS PowerPoint 336KB)

Coping with Stress

These handouts cover techniques to help you deal with stress.

Word Icon Coping with Stress- (MS Word 114 kB) Word IconStress Management - (Adobe PDF 87 kB)

Goal Setting Strategies

Description of SMART goals and how to apply them to study skills and tasks.

Word Icon Goal Setting Strategies - (MS Word 108 kB)

Motivational Strategies

Steps on how to improve motivation.

Word Icon Movitational Strategies - (MS Word 108 kB)

Procrastination Strategies

Ways to beat Procrastination: Practical and motivational techniques to help students to address procrastination problems.

Word Icon Procrastination Strategies - (MS Word 110 kB)

powerpoint Concentration & Procrastination (MS PowerPoint 336KB)

Study Groups

Tips on how to set up Study Groups

Word Icon Study Groups- (MS Word 131 kB)


Time Management Strategies

Practical tips to help students to manage time and develop a structure and routine for studying.

Word Icon Time Management Strategies- (MS Word 110 kB)


Daily and weekly timetables to help students to prioritise time and commitments.

Word Icon Weekly timetable- (MS Word 131 kB) Word Icon Yearly Planner- (MS Word 124 kB)

To Do lists

Helps students to identify and prioritise their commitments.

Word Icon To Do List Template- (MS Word 105 kB)


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