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5-a-side Soccer

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  • The 5-a-side soccer social league will start on 22nd January and will run for 10 weeks during Michaelmas Term.
    Trinity Sport will run a 5-a-side soccer league to be played on Botany Bay over 10 weeks with finals on week 11.

    *League 1 (A&B)

    Botany Bay

    Monday: 12-1pm, 3pm-4pm & 4pm-5pm
    Tuesday: 12-1pm, 2pm-3pm & 3pm-4pm
    Wednesday: 12-1pm, 3pm-4pm & 4pm-5pm
    Thursday: 2pm-3pm & 3pm-4pm
    Friday: 2pm-3pm. 3pm-4pm, 4pm-5pm & 8pm-9pm

    *Your team must be available to play at any of the above times

    Up to 20 teams can register for the League 1, split into 2 leagues of 10 with the winners of each league playing the final.  Game times and venues will be emailed out to all team captains at the start of the league.
    Games are extremely hard to reschedule due to limited time in Botany Bay. If you have to reschedule a game this has to be done 24 hours before hand. If you do not notify the other team you will forfeit the game and they will get the points. In this case of a reschedule contact Deirdre below to arrange the booking.
    League tables will be updated on a weekly basis and will be available to view on each week.

    • Register at Reception of the Sports Centre
    • Entry Fee €60 per team
    • If you register the team you’re the contact – be prepared for responsibility!
    • Winning team captain mails the result after each game
    • All team members must be current students with a valid TCD student card.

    Social league rules

    • Games will commence on the hour and finish on the hour.
    • Teams can consist of a max of 10 players and a min of 5 players, all to be listed on the registration form.
    • If a team has not turned up by 15 minutes after the hour the other team is awarded the points.
    • 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
    • All games (League 1) will be played on Botany Bay all weather pitch unless rearranged and agreed by both teams.
    • Rise & Shine league games will take place in the main hall.
    • Collect an access token and ball form the sports centre reception before your game.

    Playing rules

    • Goalkeepers are only allowed to give the ball out to another player through hands.  The goalkeeper may only kick the ball if it is in the course of making a save.
    • There are no offside rules.
    • Headers are not allowed.
    • Charging/sliding tackles are not allowed.
    • Any serious fouls should result in an indirect fee kick.
    • Players must use Futsal Ball ONLY. Provided by the Sports Centre
    • Play ball within boundaries of sidelines and end lines. Goalkeeper may only handle ball inside goal semi circle.
    • Ball kicked (not thrown) back into play, cannot score goal from direct
    • ‘kick in’. Opponent must be 3 metres away. Same for free kicks. The entire ball must be over line.
    • Keep ball at ground level as far as possible. Futsal balls are specially weighted.
    • No high ball, head height rule applies at ALL TIMES.
    • 5 v 5 recommended team size. No contact as far as possible.
    • Unlimited substitutions
    • Play two halves of 30mins.
    • Goalkeeper throws ball back in play from wide ball.
    • Penalty awarded for foul inside semi circle only. Taken from semi circle line centred on goal.