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How to join a sports club

How to… join a sports club

  • One of the best times to join a sports club is during sign up, which takes place during fresher’s week. This is a week-long hub of excitement in Front Square where all the sports clubs set up stalls.
  • Sign up begins Monday 18th September and runs until Friday 22rd September. Daily opening times are 9am-4pm.
  • It’s really easy to join. Sign up to any sport or activity that you are interested in. Give them your name, email address, student number and phone number.
  • Pay your club fee – this is usually between €2-€5 per club.
  • Keep an eye on that all-important email about training times.
  • Go along, give it a go and get involved.
  • All sports are looking for new members of all abilities. Don’t worry if you have never tried the sport before - now is a great time to give it a go.

The benefits to… joining a sports club

  • Meet new people.
  • Make friends for life.
  • Help your mental and physical health.
  • Ease your stress levels and take out your frustration, from lectures and labs, through physical activity. 
  • The opportunity to try a sport you may not have heard of before.
  • Travel – you will get to compete against other third level institutions around the country.
  • Social activities – a range of social activities come with joining a sports club, including club nights out, fundraisers, and university sporting events.
  • Get involved in the committees – learn lifelong skills that will stand to you when you graduate.


What student sport clubs are available?
We have 50 sports clubs here at Trinity for you to join, with everything from aikido to windsurfing to everything in between.

Where do teams compete?
Trinity’s teams compete at the highest level of competition but we also have recreational teams. See each sport for individual details.

Where do clubs train?
We have excellent indoor and outdoor facilities both on campus and off. Click on the club in our student sport section to find out more.

When do the clubs train?
Every club has a different training day but with 50 clubs, we are sure you will find one that trains on a day you want. See the club’s web page for information on training times.

How do clubs operate?
DUCAC (Dublin University Central Athletic Club) is the governing body for all sports clubs in Trinity however all sports clubs are student led. These are your sports clubs and we want you to lead the way.

Do I need my own equipment?
This depends on the club. Some equipment is provided for you but more specialised equipment you will need to bring yourself. Check with each club on what you require, ask them at sign up or contact them via email.

Are there fees to join?
Yes each club will have a membership fee (usually betwee €2-€5) as well as a fee to join DUCAC (€10).

Do I have to be a member of a club to play intramural sport?
No you don’t have to be a member to play intramural sport. Intramural sport is a great way to try new activities and if you like the sport then you can always join the club at a later date.

Can I be a member of a sport club and play intramural sport?
Yes you can. We encourage you to be as active as you would like to be.

What is the DUCAC Executive?
The executive meet throughout the year and discuss the governance of all of the sports clubs and good news highlights.

How do I get involved in the DUCAC Executive?
You can become a club rep and be the voice for a number of sports, or you can run for election to one of our senior committee positions.

Do I get paid to be part of DUCAC?
No you don’t get paid but you do get great training, meet great people, learn lifelong skills and help to shape sport at Trinity. You also get free food after all executive meetings!