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Sport & Recreation Strategy 2012

The Department of Sport and Recreation, in collaboration with DUCAC, is currently devising a Sports Strategy for the next five years. This strategy will create a vision for sport that aims to further develop support and enhance the student experience at Trinity College. We will be working on key themes and objectives for the delivery and development of programmes, facilities, and services for all students and the College community. The strategy will identify pathways for participation, performance and excellence in sport and recreation and will link to the College Strategic goals. It is anticipated that there will be wide consultations with key stakeholders and I encourage you to have your say. You can do this now by submitting your comments/suggestions below to

Yours in sport,

Michelle Tanner
Head of Sport

Suggested topics

  • List 3 areas in the Sports and Recreation provision and services that you believe are essential and operate very well?
  • List 3 areas you believe Sport and Recreation provision and services need to be improved?
  • General Comments about Sport and Recreation at Trinity College
  • Contact Details (optional) - Name, Email Address- should you wish to be included in email updates

Last updated 20 May 2013