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Exercise Areas

Ancillary Hall - (First Floor)

Approximately 380sqm, with a soft taraflex surface provides the practice area for many of the martial arts clubs. The area can be subdivided into two spaces, accommodating a mix of activities at the same time. It is also large enough for some racquet and ball sports, although these are mostly played in the main hall.

judo fencing training

Fitness Studio - (Second Floor)

Step Aerobics Bodypump Class

Approximately 100sqm, with a soft taraflex surface, double mirrored walls this studio provides an excellent area for aerobic, dance and many different fitness classes.

Studio Cycling - (3rd Floor)

The dedicated studio cycling area measuring 50sqm beside the main hall and provides regular studio cycling classes, which are known to be an excellent fun, safe and all round fitness class suiting all levels of fitness, gender and age. See the recreation programme for schedule of classes.



Last updated 14 November 2013