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Vinyasa Yoga Beginners with Aoife Miniter

A six week course for those who are new or relatively new to Yoga.

  • Learn the basics of Yoga in 6 weeks (breath, postures, awareness, and relaxation)
  • Build flexibility, tone, strength and ease in the body
  • Create space and calm in the mind
  • Experience the deep relaxation that Yoga brings
  • Develop greater body, movement, breath and postural awareness

Each week we will work through a series of postures from the simple to the challenging to build our practice and begin to move from a more centered space.

This course is ideal for people who enjoy a variety of activities and sports and would like to increase strength and flexibility, while preventing injury.

Course Date Time/Duration Instructor Cost Location

Vinyasa Yoga
Beginner’s Level

Course 1
26th September –
31st October

Course 2
17th November –12th December

19.00 – 20.00

6 Weeks
Aoife Miniter

€42 Members

€66 Non Members
Wellness Studio

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