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New Summer 8 week Swimming Course Starting 5th  July to 23rd  August 2014 Application Form

Parent & Toddler Swimming Lessons - 6 months to 2 ½ years

The basics of swimming are introduced whilst babies become accustomed to the pool environment. 
Parents participate in this class
•        Age: Children age 6 months to 2 ½ years
•        Date:  Saturday 5th July - Saturday 23rd August 2014(8 Weeks)
•        Time: 9.45am - 10.20am.

·         Cost: Child Member: €70
Child Non Member: €114

Lessons are 35 minutes duration. Places are limited. Book Now!

Pre Level 1 Classes (Water Confidence) – Aged 2 ½ to 4 years

Aimed at toddlers and children between the age of 2 ½ and 4 years. Basic principles are introduced such as kicking, submersion, arm action, floating and body position on front and back.
Parents participate in this class.
•        Age:  Aged 2 ½ to 4 years
•        Date: Saturday 5th July - Saturday 23rd August 2014(8 Weeks)
•        Time: 9.45am - 10.20am
·         Cost: Child Member: €70
Child Non Member: €114

Lessons are 35 minutes duration. Places are limited. Book Now!

Swim Ireland Child learn to Swim Programme - 4+ Years

This program sets national standards for the teaching of swimming and comprises 8 levels, all of which have been specifically developed to encourage swimmers to acquire the skills necessary for swimming. It follows a progressive syllabus with each child earning certificates as they move upwards through the levels.
·         Age: Suitable for children 4 years and older.
·         Date:  Saturday 5th July - Saturday 23rd August 2014(8 Weeks)
·         Times:
-          10.30 - 11.05am non swimmer (Level 1-2)
-          11.15 - 11.50am Beginner (Level 3-4)
-          11.15 - 11.50am Improver (Level 5-6)
-          11.15 - 11.50am introduction to endurance swimming  (Level 7-8)

·         Cost:    Child Member: €70
Child Non Member: €114

Non-member parents are welcome to have a swim free of charge while there child has a lesson.

Lessons are 35 minutes duration. Places are limited. Book Now!

Children’s Summer Intensive Lessons Application form (PDF)

The lessons run daily for five consecutive days. Classes are aimed at level’s 1- 4.  Due to the frequency of the lessons and small class numbers the children’s swimming skill improves in leaps and bounds. A great way to get your child to the next level quickly or prepare them for their summer holidays by the pool.

Places are limited so book now!


Week 1 - 30th June

Week 2 - 14th July

Week 3 - 28th July

Week 4 - 18th August

Time:   4.30p.m-5.10pm

Cost:    Member: €50 per week
Non-Member: €65 per week


“Megan really enjoys the intensive swimming lessons. I think it is a good chance for her to get daily practice and coaching. Especially her coach is a very patient and responsible person (Megan loves her and tries very hard whatever she is told to do in the lesson). I really hope you can organise more of those types of intensive lessons in the future. “

“The kids love the classes so much so that we would like to continue. I think they prefer weekdays and consecutive days rather than once per week. We would like to enrol them again.”


Rookie Life Guard Training - Application Form (PDF)

The Rookie Lifeguard program is the Junior Award Scheme of the RLSS Ireland. The Rookie Life Guard Trains swimmers to be aware of how to take better care of themselves, their family and friends, and give them the information they need to promote water safety in their day to day activities.
The awards contain survival, rescue and sports skills as well as Life Support and water safety elements.
Starting with Stage 1 of the Bronze Award and progressing through to Stage 3 of the Gold Award, Rookie Lifeguard begins at an ability level suitable for swimmers who have just learned to swim and progresses to the level of performing Lifesaving tows.
Lessons are 45 minutes long.

Date:  TBC

If you are interested in taking part in Rookie life guard training please contact . We need four or more children to run a course. Please submit your interest. Choice of weekdays and weekend courses available.

Price: Member €50 & Non Member €65

Chrildrens 1:1 Swim Lessons

1:1 lessons are available with our Swim Ireland Level 2 qualified teachers they will support and guide you through your swimming journey whatever your level.

For more information contact our Sports Programs Manager Rosie King on

You can also contact our private swim teachers directly Christina Byrne & Tomas Aylward

You can book a 60 minute or 30 minute 1:1 lesson. Group rates and

Cost: Member:  1 Hour €35          Non Member: 1 Hour €47

Member: ½ Hour €21            Non Member: ½ Hour €32


For more information, please contact the Sports Programmes Manager Rosie King on (01) 8963581

or the Sports Centre Reception on (01) 896 1812 or email





Last updated 16 June 2014