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Trinity Sport School Tour Package

Looking for fun, value for money, safe activities?

Look no further! At Trinity Sport we guarantee your group will enjoy their adventure activities.There are a variety of activities available. All school packages can be tailored with a choice of start times and activities. Prices starting from €10 per child.

Choose from our many packages that we have on offer and activities that we cater for.

Climbing suitable for children aged 4+ yrs
Our climbing wall is a physically and mentally demanding sport, it’s one that tests a climber’s in different areas such as agility and balance along with mental control.

Trampoline suitable for children aged 4+ yrs
Learn the basics of trampolining including tuck, pikes and straddle jumps. A one hour session on a full sized trampoline delivered by a qualified coach. Turns on the trampoline are done on a rotation basis with a maximum of 6 children per trampoline, so plenty of bouncing time. A great way to improve fitness and develop new skills or simply have fun bouncing!

Fencing suitable for children aged 7+ yrs
This introduction to the sport of fencing will include the basics of fencing footwork and blade work. Focussing on foil, the course will also introduce the nature and rules of the other two fencing weapons: épée and sabre. Participants will, by the end of the course, know how to manoeuvre, attack and defend on the piste and gain an understanding of the basics of fencing tactics.

Multi Sport suitable for children aged  4+ yrs         
This multi sports party is specially designed for the more active and sporty of children. This package can include a wide range of activities such as dodgeball, rounder’s, uni-hoc, basketball, soccer and fun games.


1 activity        €12 per child   (group of 6 - 30 children)
2 activities      €13 per child   (group of 30 – 60 children)
3 activities      €14 per child   (group of 60 – 90 children)
4 activities      €15 per child   (group of 90 – 125 children)

School we catered for in the past:

1 3rd June St Kevins 54 kids
2 14th June St Eithnes 122 kids
3 21st June St Damiens 25 kids

To book

Book in early to ensure your schools preferred date and activities are available.