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SF Module Choice Forms


The Senior Fresh year is divided into Semester 1 & Semester 2 and you must select modules to the value of 60 credits for the year with no more than 30 credits from Semester 1 and 30 credits from Semester 2. The closing date for submission of the SF subject choice form is Thursday 29th March 2018.

Before choosing your modules you must do the following:

  1. Consult the Senior Freshman Programme 2018/2019
  2. Check the prerequisites for Moderatorship
Student details

Please indicate that you have read the 2018/2019 Programme: Yes No

If the answer is No we advise that you read the programme as it is designed to help you make the correct choices. Should you have any queries regarding module selection please do not hesitate to call into the Science Course Office for advice.


Senior Freshman modules for 2018/2019

Tick Module Code Module Title Semester Credits
BY2201 Cell Structure and Function 1 5
BY2202 Vertebrate Form and Function 1 5
BY2203 Metabolism 1 5
BY2204 Evolution 1 5
BY2205 Microbiology 2 5
BY2206 Ecosystem Biology and Global Change 2 5
BY2207 Behaviour 2 5
BY2208 Genetics 2 5
BY2209 Infection and Immunity 2 5
BY2210 Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology 2 5
CH2201 Chemistry 1 10
CH2202 Chemistry 2 10
GG2024 Physical Geography : Changing Environments 1 10
GG2025 Human Geography: Changing Worlds 2 10
GL2205 The Dynamic Earth 1: rocks and evolution 1 10
GL2206 The Dynamic Earth 2: structure and microscopy 2 10
MA22S1 Multivariable calculus for Science 1 5
MA22S2 Vector Calculus for Science 2 5
MA22S3 Fourier analysis for Science 1 5
MA22S4 Mechanics


MA22S6 Numerical Data analysis techniques 2 5
PY2P10 Classical Physics 1 10
PY2P20 Modern Physics 2 10
All data collected from this form is used strictly for the purposes of obtaining student choices. This data is only available to the staff of the Science Course Office and will be retained for reference purposes only.