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This form is not to be completed before consultation with an academic on

Orientation Day

TR062 JF Module Choice Form 2018-2019

Approved Modules - Students choose 10 credits from each semester

A list of all mandatory and approved modules is available here

Student details

Junior Freshman modules for 2017/2018
Tick Module Code Module Title Semester Credits
GGU11026 Human Geography: Exploring the Interconnected World 1 10
BYU11101 From Molecules to Cells 1 10
CHU11101 General and Physical Chemistry 1 10
PYU11F10 Foundation Physics for Life & Earth Sciences 1 10
BYU11102 From Organisms to Ecosystems 2 10
CHU11102 Introduction to Inorganic & Organic Chemistry 2 10
PYU11F20 Foundation Physics for Life & Earth Sciences 2 2 10