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Visiting Students

Hondius-World-MapSituated as it is in the very heart of Ireland’s elegant and lively capital city, and within easy and affordable reach of the UK and the mainland of Europe, Trinity College annually attracts undergraduates from Britain, Europe, North America and Asia, who come here to learn and expand their cultural horizons in the environment of an international student body.  Some come for a semester, some for a year, and some stay to complete the four-year degree.  Every year the Department of Religions and Theology is pleased to be one of the those departments in which overseas students choose to study.

Prof. Maureen Junker-Kenny is Erasmus and international students coordinator.  She will advise you on course choices, course contents and exam requirements, and will sign your Course Record Sheet once you are sure which modules you will be following.

Her office, Room 5011, is accessed through Room 5010 on the 5th floor of the Arts Building.

Visiting Student Modules 2017-18

Visiting students seem to value their time in the Department of Religions and Theology. See below the comments from Alexandra Grace Gustin and Emily Cinquemani:

It would be difficult for me to imagine a more perfect opportunity for my study abroad experience than studying at Trinity College Dublin. As a Religious Studies student from the University of California Berkeley, I was extremely impressed with the modules I took in Trinity's Religions & Theology department. I had high expectations for what this college had to offer and those expectations were undoubtedly exceeded throughout the term I spent there. The modules offered to me were quite unique and gave me the opportunity to expand my religious studies and theology education in ways that are very different from yet combine well with what is offered at my home university. What made my experience even more positive was the wonderful lecturers. Not only did I feel as if, in every module, I was in the presence of accomplished experts in the field, but the approachability and warmth of the lecturers left me with the impression that I was welcome as a visiting student and gave me the confidence to be able to get the most out of the experience. Even beyond the faculty at Trinity, the Irish students never hesitated to go out of their ways to make sure I was well accommodated and fully integrated into the program during my stay there. At risk of being redundant, Trinity College Dublin offered me the most exciting and rewarding term thus far in my academic experience, all the while making me feel perfectly at home, as if I had been there for all three years of my college education.

Alexandra Grace Gustin
B.A. Psychology, B.A. Religious Studies, College of Letters and Science
University of California, Berkeley

Choosing to study at Trinity College Dublin, and more specifically to study under Trinity's Department of Religions and Theology, was arguably the best decision I made with regards to my semester in Dublin. Like many visiting students, I was anxious before arriving at Trinity and unsure of what to expect. However, upon beginning my studies, this anxiety quickly turned to excitement. The module Philosophical and Theological Approaches to God became one of my favorite modules from the first lecture. I was very impressed by the way it examined a great breadth of such an interesting and complex subject in a way that was both challenging and accessible. The lectures were consistently excellent and deeply interesting, and I felt that both the professor and the students had a strong interest and knowledge of the subject. Coming from the Religious Studies department at Elon University, my home university in The United States, I found my studies different from those at home in a way the expanded my understanding of the subject and led me to see it through a new and more philosophical lens. Furthermore, since my main course of study is English literature, I really enjoyed how the lectures looked at religion from many angles. I had the opportunity to study the significance of theological language and metaphor, which not only strengthened my theological knowledge, but also increased my understanding of language and philosophy. I plan to continue my studies in theology with this newfound perspective gained from my time at Trinity. This newly gained insight was exactly what I hoped to carry with me from my time in Dublin. Studying under the Department of Religions and Theology at Trinity could not have been a better academic experience.  

Emily Cinquemani
B.A. English Literature and Creative Writing, Religious Studies Minor
Elon University

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