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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take the Foundation Scholarship examinations?

This is a personal decision, but the Department of Political Science would strongly encourage students who received high marks in their Junior Freshman modules (for example, with module grades of a First or high '2:1') to sit the Foundation Scholarship examinations.

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Which Schol examination papers should I take? Should I take one or both? Which one?

The papers available or required for the Foundation Scholarship examination vary by degree programme, and so you should consult your degree programme - BESS, European Studies etc - to see what the requirements and options are for Schol in your particular case. Applications to take the Schol examinations must be submitted to the Examinations Office.

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I am eligible to take one or the other of the two Political Science Schol examination papers. Which one should I take?

Read the Guidance Note (PDF, 135KB) and make your choice. It is possible to excel in either (or both) examinations.

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What date will these examination papers be held?

All scheduling of Schol examination papers is done by the Exams Office. The information should be available in around the end of the calendar year on Exams Office website.

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I am taking (e.g.) the Politics 2 examination but am only taking one of the Senior Freshman political science modules. Will I have a restricted set of choices for essays for this examination paper compared to students taking more than one Senior Freshman politics module?

It is obviously the case that students taking more than one SF Political Science module will be potentially able to answer a wider range of essays in the Politics 2 (or Politics 1) examination paper, but it is entirely possible to be successful at the Politics 2 examination paper while taking only one of the three Political Science department Senior Freshman modules.

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I have a question about preparing for Schol in relation to a particular SF module in Political Science (e.g. History of Political Thought, International Relations etc).

After the start of Michaelmas term, your course lecturer, and your course handout, will provide the material you need to prepare for Schol in relation to the various Senior Freshman modules offered by the Political Science department.

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Will there be a meeting with students to explain the Foundation Scholarship exam papers set by the Political Science Department?

The Political Science Department will hold a Schol Information Meeting - date and time will be announced in due course.

All the information you need to prepare is available on this website, including the School Guidance Note (PDF, 135KB), and the course syllabuses for the various Senior Freshman Political Science modules.

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Last updated 22 November 2017