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Trinity College Dublin

seal Room 4.04
Department of Political Science
Trinity College Dublin
1 College Green
Dublin 2, Ireland

tel: +353 1 896 3480
fax: +353 1 677 0546
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Research Interests

I am a comparative political scientist whose work has examined developments mostly in Europe and to some extent North America, using both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis.

My first main area of research focuses on comparative public policy. Within this area there are four themes which have been/are being studied:

  • Lobbying activity and interest groups, including international trends in regulating lobbyists analysing developments in Canada, the US, Germany, the EU, Australia, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania
  • EU public policy and institutional developments, with a focus on policy making in areas such as competition and foreign policy.
  • Policy processes and multi-level regulatory structures in the global economy;
  • National positions towards the EU Constitution.

A second main area of research analyses political parties and elections. There are four main dimensions to my work in this area:

  • Explaining changes of party platforms;
  • Examining election dynamics in Spain;
  • Europeanization;
  • Predicting winners of leadership conventions using mathematical modelling techniques. 
  November 6, 2014