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Department of Political Science
Trinity College Dublin
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Dublin 2, Ireland

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List of Selected Publications

Raj Chari, John Hogan, and Gary Murphy, Regulating Lobbying: A Global Comparison, Manchester University Press (European Politics Research Unit Series), forthcoming. Please see

R. Chari and P. Heywood, 'Institutions, European Integration, and the Policy Process in Contemporary Spain' in B. Field and K. Hamman (eds.) Democracy
and Institutional Development (London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2008.)

F. Cavatorta, R. Chari, S. Kritzinger and A. Gomez Arana, “EU External Policy Making and the Case of Morocco: 'Realistically' Dealing with Authoritarianism?” European Foreign Affairs Review, Vol. 13/3, Autumn 2008 (proofs)

R. Chari “The 2008 Spanish Election: A Balancing Game,” West European Politics, Vol. 31, No.5, 1068-76, September 2008.

Raj Chari, Why Did the Irish Reject Lisbon? An Analysis of Referendum Results (Analysis of the Real Instituto Elcano (ARI) 69/2008, Madrid, Spain)

Raj Chari, Gary Murphy and John Hogan, 'Regulating Lobbyists: A Comparative
Analysis of the US, Canada, Germany and the European Union,'
Quarterly, 78, (3), 2007, 422 - 438.

bookRaj Chari and S. Kritzinger, Understanding EU Policy Making
See the Macmillan or the Amazon sites to order.

Silke M. Trommer and Raj Chari, The Council of Europe: Interest Groups and Ideological Missions? West European Politics, Vol. 29, No. 4, 665 – 686, September 2006

Raj Chari and Alfonso Egea, Preference Formation and European Constitution-Building: The Spanish Perspective, in Thomas Koing and Simon Hug (eds) Preference Formation and European Constitution-Building. A Comparative Study in Member State and Accession Countries (London; Routledge, in press, forthcoming, 2006).

Raj Chari, Why did the Spanish Communist Strategy Fail?, Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, Vol.21, No.2, June 2005, pp.296–301

Sylvia Kritzinger, Francesco Cavatorta and Raj Chari,Continuity and Change in Party Positions Towards Europe in Italian Parties: An Examination of Parties’ Euro-Manifestos, Journal of European Public Policy, Vol 11. No. 6, December 2004, 954-74

Raj Chari The 2004 Spanish Election: Terrorism as a Catalyst for Change? West European Politics, Vol. 27 No. 5, (November 2004), 954-63.

Raj Chari, Suvi Iltanen and Sylvia Kritzinger Examining and Explaining the Northern League's 'U-Turn' From Europe Government and Opposition, Vol. 39 No. 3, Summer 2004, 423-450

Raj Chari and Francesco Cavatorta The Iraq War: Killing Dreams of a Unified EU? (Full Text) European Political Science (EPS), Autumn 2003, Vol. 3.1

Raj Chari and Hilary McMahon Reconsidering the Patterns of Organised Interests in Irish Policy-Making (Abstract) Irish Political Studies, Vol. 18.1. Summer, 2003, 27-50.

Raj Chari and Francesco Cavtorta, Economic Actors’ Political Activity on ‘Overlap Issues’: Privatisation and EU State Aid Control, West European Politics Vol. 25, No.4, October 2002, 119-142.

Raj Chari and Matthew Kerby Policy Scandals: A Spanish Case: Government and Opposition Vol. 37, No.3, Summer 2002, 409-425.

Raj Chari The EU 'Dimensions' in Economic Policy-Making at the Domestic Level. Some Lessons from Labour Market Reform In Spain (Abstract) South European Society and Politics, Vol 6.1, Summer 2001, 51-73

Raj Chari The March 2000 Spanish Election: A ‘Critical Election’? (Abstract) West European Politics, Vol. 23, No. 3, July 2000, 207-214.

Raj Chari Spanish Socialists, Privatising the Right Way?”(Abstract) West European Politics Volume 21, No.4, October 1998, pp. 163-179 (reprinted in Paul Heywood, ed., Politics and Policy in Democratic Spain (London: Frank Cass Publishers, 1999).

Raj Chari and Gustavo A. Arteca, A Leadership Selection Index for Multi-Ballot Political Party Conventions in Canada, Electoral Studies, Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 505–522, 1998

For the full list of publications, please see CV


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