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Department of Political Science Staff

Michael Gallagher
(BA, MSc, MSc, PhD, MRIA)

Trinity College Crest


Contact details

Room 5.06
Department of Political Science
Trinity College
2–3 College Green
Dublin 2, Ireland

tel: +353 1 896 1891

Email: mgllgher (add to username)

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Current appointment

Professor of Comparative Politics (2006–), previously Head of Department (2005–08, 2010–13, 2015–18), Department of Political Science, Trinity College, University of Dublin.

Degrees BA Computer Science (Lancaster), MSc Computer Science (Essex), MSc Politics (Strathclyde), PhD Politics (Strathclyde)


Research interests
  • How Ireland Voted 2016 page
  • least squares index page
  • Ireland election 26 February 2016 page
  • Same-sex marriage referendum May 2015 analysis on
  • Comparative electoral systems (see expanded and updated electoral systems page)
  • Ireland European Parliament election 23 May 2014 (results)
  • Ireland election 25 February 2011 (page)
  • Irish politics ('should the Irish electoral system be changed?' page; also 6th edition of Politics in the Republic of Ireland)
  • Political parties
  • Backgrounds, attitudes and activism of party members
  • click here for contributions to Irish political reform site
  • Ireland election 24 May 2007 (results)
  • Ireland EP election 5 June 2009 (results)
Teaching interests
  • Irish politics
  • Political parties
  • Comparative political institutions
  • Supervision of 13 completed PhD theses:
    • Dr Gerard McElroy, The Catholic Church and the Northern Ireland crisis 1968–86 (1990)
    • Dr Yvonne Galligan, Women’s interest groups and politics in Ireland: challenge and consensus (1995)
    • Dr Frances Gardiner, Women's parliamentary representation in 27 western democracies: cultural, socio-economic and political obstacles to entry (2000)
    • Dr Mary-Clare O'Sullivan, Messengers of the People? An analysis of representation and role orientations in the Irish parliament (2002) (abstract)
    • Dr Eoin O'Malley, Give them awkward choices: a theoretical and empirical investigation into the operation of prime ministerial influence on policy in 22 countries (thesis awarded inaugural PSAI prize 2006 for best politics thesis submitted to an Irish university in 2005) (abstract)
    • Dr Brighid Brooks Kelly, An exploration of the relationship between consociationalism and stability in plural societies throughout the world (thesis awarded PSAI prize 2008 for best politics thesis submitted to an Irish university in 2007) (abstract)
    • Dr Liam Weeks, We don't like (to) party: explaining the significance of independents in Irish political life (2008) (abstract)
    • Dr Shane MacGiollabhuí, The secret life of political parties: a comparative study of candidate selection in African democracies (2009) (abstract)
    • Dr Maria Laura Sudulich, Cyber-space oddity? An analysis of political parties’ websites and online campaigning (2010) (abstract)
    • Dr Séin Ó Muineacháin, Explaining the persistence of factionalism in parties (2012) (abstract)
    • Dr Michael Courtney, Social background and intra-party attitudes in Ireland (2014) (abstract)
    • Dr Mark Canavan, Party nationalization and the provision of public goods in democracies: a theoretical and empirical investigation (2015) (abstract)
    • Dr Shqipe Mjekiqi, The impact of electoral systems upon the behaviour of members of parliament (2015) (abstract)
  • Supervision of MPhil dissertation: Ronan J Murphy, 'Public funding for Irish political parties: cartelisation or competition?' (2005)
Other appointments, honours, awards
Conference papers
  • Has presented papers at around 30 conferences in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Suomi / Finland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, the USA.
  • Director of two workshops at Joint Sessions of European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR)
Other activities
  • Presentation to Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Constitution, November 2009, on whether the Irish electoral system causes TDs to focus on constituency work (presentation)
  • Member of Editorial Boards of the journals Electoral Studies, European Journal of Political Research, Irish Political Studies, Party Politics, Austrian Journal of Political Science
  • See also Political Reform site.


Last updated: Jan 17 2018