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Department of Political Science Staff

Picture of Jacqueline HaydenDr Jacqueline Hayden

BA (UCD) PhD (Trinity, Dublin)
Research Associate Department of Political Science Trinity College Dublin


Staff Page

Career:1980 – 1989 RTE News Journalist
            1989 – 1990 Legal Affairs Correspondent Century Radio
            1991 - 1996 Radio Current Affairs Producer RTE
            1996 -  PhD Programme TCD
            2000 - 2007 Lecturer in Political Science at TCD and UCD (2003-4)

Currently: Research Associate TCD

Current Research:

  • Currently preparing a volume on the trajectory of democratic transition in Poland. Based on my archive of interviews with key actors recorded at different critical junctures since 1980, this project will examine key issues and episodes from the perspective of the major players. I am currently conducting in depth interviews with politicians, academics and other key actors previously interviewed as well as updating my archive with new interviews

Research Interests:

  • Democratization and transition
  • East European politics
  • Judicial intervention and Irish Politics

Select Publications:

  • 2006 The Collapse of Communist Power in Poland: Strategic Misperceptions and Unanticipated Outcomes, Routledge Curzon.
  • 1994 Poles Apart: Solidarity and the New Poland , Irish Academic Press.
  • 1994 Lady G: A Biography of The Honourable Lady Goulding LL.D , Townhouse Press.

Journal articles:

    • 2004 ‘Institutional Change and Persistence: The Origins and Evolution of Poland 's Electoral System 1989-2001’ (with Dr Kenneth Benoit), Journal of Politics 66, pp. 396-427.
    • 2003 ‘The Media and the Campaign’ (with Dr Heinz Brandenburg). In How Ireland Voted 2002 . Edited by Michael Gallagher, Michael Marsh and Paul Mitchell. Palgrave Macmillan: Hampshire.
    • 2002 ‘The collapse of communism in Poland : Strategic bungling or farsighted compromise? An examination of the conflicting hypotheses of Adam Przeworski and Josep Colomer’ Central European Political Science Review, 3 (9), pp. 140-160.
    • 2001 ‘Explaining the Collapse of Communism in Poland : Strategic Misperceptions and Unanticipated Outcomes’, The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 17 (4) pp. 108-129.



Last updated: Oct 10 2014