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Current Students

Student Name/Email Title of Doctoral Thesis Supervisor
Christian Oswald Currently completing mandatory course work Thomas Chadefaux
Oguzhan Turkoglu Currently completing mandatory course work Thomas Chadefaux
David Moore Currently completing mandatory course work Constantine Boussails
Giulia Saydon Currently completing mandatory course work Raj Chari
David Jack Barrett The effect of observable party cohesion on voter choice in liberal democracies. Michael Gallagher
Somya Chhabra The Impact of Political Instability on the Emergence of Terrorism: A Mixed Method Approach Thomas Chadefaux
Silvia Decadri Electoral Incentives to cultivate a Personal Vote and Political Particularism: a Text Analysis Approach Constantine Boussalis
Alan Duggan Campaign Spending Efficacy in Irish & British Elections: Renewed analysis using matching methods Ken Benoit
Lisa Keenan Differential Levels and Determinants of Political Ambition among Irish Men and Women. Gail McElroy
Liam Kneafsey Media Systems and Ownership Patterns, Differential Framing and Citizens' Attitudes to Unions. Gail McElroy
Kevin Lacourse Political Obligation to Foreign Entities: An Investigation of Post Bellum Provisional Authority Peter Stone
Eleonora La Spada Explaining Variation in Governments¹ Response to Dissent: The Effect of Fragmentation of Challenging Groups Jesse Dillon Savage
Stefan Müller The Perception, Coding, Coverage, and Fulfillment of Election Pledges Gail McElroy
Raluca Nicoara Authoritarian diffusion at a distance? China¹s impact on levels of democracy and on citizens¹ support for democracy in African states Michelle D'Arcy
Andrea Salvi Explaining and predicting the onset of civil war: adisaggregated approach to diffusion Thomas Chadefaux
Marco Schito The politics of State aid in the European Union: A Multi-Method Approach to explain variation in aid disbursement Raj Chari
Kristin Semancik The Effects of European Integration on National Healthcare Systems. Raj Chari

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Last updated 15 November 2017