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MSc Graduates

The Department of Political Science has graduated several cohorts from its MSc programmes. Below you can find the student names and the titles of their research dissertation. In addition, reflections from some of our MSc alumni can be found on the graduate testimonials webpage.

2015 Graduates - MSc in International Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Roman Brenne Domestic Institutions and Environmental Commitment: The Impact of Democratization and Veto Points on the Joining and Implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Valerio Caruso EU Trade Policies at the Age of Transatlantic Negotiations: the Role of Business Interests
David Cooney International Environmental Treaty Signatures: The Influence of the United States of America on International Environmental Treaty Signature Rates
Marika Di Biase Women, Quotas and Natural Resources. A Cross-Country Analysis in the Variation of Adoption of Quotas for Women
Shona Dunne An Assessment of the Relationship between Left-Right Politics and Levels of State Militarism
Jamie Marie Fraser What motivates membership in OPEC
Alexandra Frances Greiwe Examining the nexus between youth unemployment, foreign occupation, and suicide terrorist attacks: A cross country analysis
Paula Higgins Investigating the relationship between American national attachment and the tolerance of torture
Kristin Karlsson The impact of decentralisation on democratic consolidation: A comparitive study of Peru and and Ecuador
Elisabeth Cecilia Kirwan Exploring the Influence of Corruption on Levels of Domestic Terrorism
Chloé Laskar Committment to international human rights treaties and domestic levels of human rights: The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Catherine Lee What Explains Variation in Irish Asylum Policy? An Examination of Variation in Levels of Restrictiveness across Irish Asylum Policies
David Patrick Maher An examination of variation in levels of government control of the internet around the world
Thomas Mitchell "Pick and Mix Politics": Evaluating the Ambiguity of Party Attitudes Towards Irish Neutrality within a Post-Liberal International System
Cillian Moore Peacekeeping interventions: Road to economic peacebuilding?
Katherine Katie Perkowski To Pay or Not to Pay: What Influences How a Western Government Reacts to a Hostage Taking (Kidnapping) for Ransom Terrorist Attack?
Samantha Spurlock Erupting chaod: the effect of disaster aid on domestic instability

2015 Graduates - MSc in Politics and Public Policy

Name Title of Dissertation
Dunia Alameddine Distributing Corruption in the Legislative? An Analysis of the Effects of Seat Allocation Methods on Political Corruption in Developing Countries
Kaitlin Rachael Alper Partisanship and the Politics of Parental Leave Policy
Paul Michael Bambrick What Factors Can Explain the Sudden Rise of Support for the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein After the Signing of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998
Donika Bujari Business bias in the European Parliament: Examining the the diversity and density of interest groups with access to the European Parliament
Mariana De Paula Lima Determinants of Legislative output in new democracies: a case study of Brazil
Etienne Thierry Marie Fabre World hunger and moral obligations
Alexander Frind Government partisanship and active labour market policy: The impact of new electoral constituencies on the left party behaviour
Patrick Gunning The effect of the economic downturn on the fulfilment of tax pledges
Janet Patricia Horner Assessing the Impact of Social Capital in Multilateral Climate Change Cooperation
Ciara Patricia McDermott Investigating Incentives for Implementation and Enforcement: A case study of education policy in India
Timothy James Morrow A comparitive case study of university tuition fees in the United Kingdom and Ireland
Stefan Müller Patterns of decision-making: Government-Opposition and Left-Right voting in Norway under Majority and Minority Governments
Daniel Strunk What makes state constitutions last? An enquiry into Sub-National Constitutional longevity
James David Travers States of the Nation: Understanding the growth in US incarceration rates through examination of between-state variation in ideology
Tornike Zurabashvili Explaining Intra-Executive conflicts in semi-Presidential countries: the case of Georgia

2014 Graduates - MSc in International Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Sarah Caitlin Cavanaugh The Role of Diversified FDI on Infrastructure Levels in the Developing World
Martina Di Chiro Does Political Instability Stop the Implementation of Lobbying Regulation?
Sally Anne Gaynor The Beijing Brand of Development: More Effective? Human development outcomes in Sub Saharan Africa: a quantitative comparison of China, traditional bilateral donors and multilateral agencies
Torlach Grant Coercive Diplomacy & Target State Domestic Politics
Helen Kania A Comparative Study of French and British Agricultural Policy and Public Opinions Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms
Stephanie Kelly (Neo)Con Man: The Impact of Presidential Speech on Islamophobia in American Society
Ryan Kenny Three Exit, Three Voice and Reform: A Modified EVL Framework Tested against the 2000American National Election Study
Federica Yuka Kumasaka Crickmar International Investment and Environmental Protection: Bridging the Gap Through Treaty Convergence
Min Jung Lee The Effect of a Country's Political Rights Record on the Food Aid it Receives from the European Union
Caspar Lilburn ICT, Democratisation, and Regime-Type: A Comparative Survey of Democratisation in Asia
Christopher Maxey Reconciling Democratic Theory Deliberative and Agonistic Democracy in a Dialectical Framework
Rebecca McHugh The Effect of the Repeal of Compulsory Voting on Left-wing parties in the Netherlands
James Thomas Nugent Does Foreign Aid Volatility Contribute to Civil War Onset?
Colm O'Mahony Credible Commitment and Transitional Justice: A case study of South African Transition
Mihail Papamichail Logic of Consequences or Logic of Appropriateness? Testing Rational and Normative Explanations for Nuclear Arms Reductions
Nadja Popova A study on the effect of international poverty reduction mechanisms and policies on domestic welfare reform for vulnerable children in Russia 2005-2010
Eric Shadowens Variation in Military Innovation Related to Civilian Technology in France, the United Kingdom and the United States: The Cases of Radio and Information Technology
Brian Michael Sowyrda The Varying Relationship between the Nonprofit Sector & National Governments
Elena Stocchiero The Normative Power of The European Union: The Failure of The Democratisation Process

2014 Graduates - MSc in Politics and Public Policy

Name Title of Dissertation
Alison Connolly Litigant v Government, Round I: Policy Change After Public Interest Litigation in Ireland
Paul Valentin Hoehner Assessing the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid in Post-Conflict Situations: Peace-Stabilizer or Security Threat?
Thomas-John McGrath-Daly Determinants Public Healthcare Expenditure - Economic, Political and Lifestyle Factors
Derrie Murray The Extreme Right and Restrictions on the Free Movement of Workers after Enlargement in the EU
Caitriona Sweeney The Impact of the European Union on Domestic Healthcare Policies in Member States

2014 Graduate - MSc in Political Science

Name Title of Dissertation
Christopher Oonan Local Government in the United Kingdom: Has the creation of a directly elected mayor system of local government led to a greater partisan effect on policy outputs?

2013 Graduate - MSc in Comparative European Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Fotoula Kyrkoudi Policy Implementation in the Greek and Irish Bureaucracies: The Case of the IMF/EU programme

2013 Graduates - MSc in International Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Paul Barry Diploma Candidate
Marie Florence Berset Explaining Dictatorships' Commitment to the Convention Against Torture: The Impact of International Pressure on States' Decisions
Stephen Buckley Re-examining Content and Complexity in Policy Diffusion: Gay and Transgender-Inclusive Laws against Discrimination
Rachel Ragnhild Carlson Decentralization and Domestic Conflict: Tax Strategies for Confronting the Resource Curse
David Cichon Globalisation, Development and Trade Unionism - A comparative case study of El Salvador and Nepal
Yasmine Maimuna Colijn The African Baby Formula: Why NGOs use new media to perpetuate old stereotypes about development
Renaud Contini "Palestinian and Kosovar Statehood: A Realist Analysis"
Neil Evans International Crisis and State Behaviour: Shifting Relations between Turkey and Russia 1997-2013: A Case Study
Louise Fitzgerald Explaining Variation in Ratification of International Environmental Treaties: The Influence of Felxibility
Eleanor Friel DEFENDER, NOT PROMOTER: The Limits to the African Union's Pursuit of Democratic Consolidation
Eluned Griffith-Jones Applying Broken Windows Theory to International Compliance: the Effect of Reporting Requirements
Sally Hayden When do Rebel Victories Lead to Sustainable Peace? A Comparative Study of Rwanda and Liberia
Emma Hett Understanding TRIPS Safeguards; Why Do Some Governments Enact TRIPS Safeguards While Others Do Not?
Sofia Hoehn "Generous towards Everybody - The Welfare State and Foreign Aid"
Hae Rin Kang Effects of Aid-Dependent NGOs on Empowerment in Developing Countries
Robert Kearns Can Private Aid Giving Solve World Hunger? Examining the differential impacts of public and private foreign aid programmes with respect to food security issues in Africa's Least Developed Countries
Liam Kneafsey Political Finance Regulations, the Politics of Organised Combat and Left Preferences
David Maher Liberal Demands for Justice and Cultural Sensitivity: An Inevitable Conflict, and the Moral Primacy of Liberalism
Samuel Nathan Mealy Inequality and financialisation: rising incomes and risk-taking in the OECD, 1975-2009
Ashley Mully Arab Spring: Conditions for a Social Movement Revealed
Sara Murray Black Sheep on our flag: The question of immigration and how it impacts voting for the SVP
John O'Donnell How effective is US governmental lobbying? :A case study of US involvement in the REACH Directive
Edward Anthony O'Leary National Role Conceptions in Euro-Mediterranean Relations: France, Spain and the Union for the Mediterranean
Conor Anthony O'Neill Spiralling out of Control: Drone Technology, Targeted Killing, and the Socialization of Human Rights Norms
Padraic B. Ryan Pacific Rim: Deterrance and Geopolitics in the Southeast Asian-Pacific
Geri Felipe Andrea Testini More Money to the Armed Forces: Whose Call? Analysis of the Increased Military Budgets in Latin America
Henk Van Zuilen Cross-national panel data analysis of fiscal reliance on natural resources and corruption
Amy Weiner The Cost of Conservation: Applying Liberal IR Theory to Environmental Regime Variation

2013 Graduates - MSc in Political Science

Name Title of Dissertation
Anna Maria Christofides The Rise of Right-Wing Extremism Athens (2010-2013): A Historical-Ethnographic Approach
Olga Cronin Can Advocacy groups compete with business interest groups and unions when it comes to influencing policies regarding the marginalised in Ireland? Case Study: Asylum seekers and the right to work
Devin Frank Citizens' Confidence in the European Union: Cognitive Mobilization and a Postfunctionalist Theory of European Integration
Maxence Salendre What strategy for European development aid? An analysis of European unity through the European development aid platform: cohesion or dispersion?

2013 Graduate - MSc in Comparative European Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Fotoula Kyrkoudi Policy Implementation in the Greek and Irish Bureaucracies: The Case of the IMF/EU programme

2012 Graduates – MSc in International Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Breffney Kate Cogan Lobbying Regulation in Ireland: Delays and Incentives 1999-2012
George Colley The Effect of Military Structure on Regime Survival in The Middle East
Thomas Edward Corcoran Restraining the TRIPS Agreement; Protecting Health Rights in the developing world
Elif Dibek System Structure and State Behaviour: Turkey's Middle Eastern Activism in the 21st Century
Heather Dunbar Live and Learn: Measuring the Effects Learning has on Target Response to Challenges
Jane Dundon Strategy Choices: How Political Context Affects Human Rights Promotion: A comparative case analysis of Amnesty International's work in Kenya and Zimbabwe
Colin Gleeson Intervention in Genocide: Establishing the necessary conditions
Peter Gogarty Arming to Keep Peace? Reassessing the Determinants of Peacekeeping Deployment after Civil Wars
Kevin Groome India's Aid Policy and Economic Engagement with Sub-Saharan Africa
Justin Thomas Howell Humanitarian Intervention: Inductive Theories for Inducing Peace
Tessy Huss High Finance and High Politics: Foreign Policy Determinants of International Bank Lending to Developing Countries
Cecile Jacquet Science and Environmental Policy Shaping A quantitative assessment of the epistemic community explanation
James Johnson The Efficacy of Multiple Track Mediation in Intrastate Conflict
Joseph Kiernan Where Norms Dare to Go: Assessing the Impact of National Human Rights Institutes in the Middle East and North Africa: A Case Study of the Eqyptian National Human Rights Council
Vasilia Kyriacou The influence of the internet and communication technology on the breaking out of protests and rebellions in the Arab World
Oscar Long The High Costs of International Human Rights Treaty Ratification for the United States of America
Jacob Maddaus United States Influence in post-9/11 Pakistan: Fact or Façade?
Ophelie Martin Do France and Germany rule the European Union? A case study of the 2005 and 2011 reforms of the Stability and Growth Pact and theoretical assessment of decision-making in the Council of the European Union
Daniel Murphy The Effect of Insecurity on the Process of DDR
Meadhbh Aine O'Flaherty A Framework of Decision-Making in Crisis Situations
Anne-Marie Pollock Poles Apart: Europe's Tilt to the Right

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2012 Graduates – MSc in Political Science

Name Title of Dissertation
Cillian Doyle From Russian with Votes: An Analysis of the Voting Behaviour of Russian Jewish Immigrants in the Israeli National Elections 1992-2009
Fionn Jenkinson Strategic Interactions between the Irish Supreme Court and Legislature: Do they Exist and to what Extent are the affected by Transparency
Martin Mannion The Political Determinants of Lottery Funded Capital Sports Grants
Catherine Power Ward Citizenship Rules: Jus Soli, Jus Sanguinis or a Combination of Both?

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2011 Graduates – MSc in International Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Marzia Baldasssari The relationship between democracy and human rights revisited.
Christopher Boylan Blood Politics: The Importance of Family Ties in Dail Elections Evidence from the 2002 Election
Ciara Finlay Can the UN approval provide the legitimacy to the U.S. military intervention and make it succeed?
Emily Glen Liberal Autocracies and the Supply of Free Trade: The Ratification of Preferential Trade Agreements in Non-Democratic Regimes
Trygve Gronbekk "Domestic constraints: the European non-aligned states’ military contributions to ISAF".
James Michael Frank Hagen Explaining the Parliamentary success of Far-Right Parties in Scandinavia: A Look at Sweden in relation to Denmark and Norway.
Kathleen Clare Harris In the Spotlight: The Impact of Media Human Rights Coverage on US Development & Military Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa, 1990- 2008
Vanessa Hiry Capacity Constraints as Bargaining Advantage for Developing Countries in the WTO Dispute Settlement Process
James Michael Kilcourse Foreign Policy Directions in the Post-Soviet Space: Explaining the foreign policy behaviour of the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union
John Kreienkamp Political Freedom and the Roots of Terrorism in Latin America
Jorg Lehmann Presidential Popularity and the Use of Force
Melanie McDonald Aid for Change: An Investigation of the Effects of Democratic Aid on Regime Transition in Africa
Eimear Murphy The Criminalisation of Marital Rape: Explaining Variation in Timing across High Income OECD Countries
Alannah Nic Phaidin Action- Reaction: China and Indian's Military Capabilities in the Indian Ocean Region, 1980 -2007
David Perry Terrorism and Repression in Democratic States: The Explanatory Role of the Characteristics of Terrorist Attacks
Joana Racine The Effect of Youth Cohort Size on Transitions to Democracy
Miguel Rodriguez Marquez Political Instability and Progress of Structural Economic Reform in Latin America from 1985 to 1999
Scott Schittl Tourism Dependence and the Incidence of Democracy in Low-to-Middle Income States: The Blessing and Curse of Resource Dependence
Victoria Walshe International Compliance and the Child Soldier: The efficacy of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the child on the involvement of children in armed conflict & the Option of Issue Linkage

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2011 Graduates – MSc in Comparative European Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Thomas Doyle Does Local Authority Have an Approval Affect: An Examination of Europeans’ trust in their Governments.
Emma Catherine Harte Pledge fulfilment in the 2007-2011 Fianna Fáil-Green Party-Progressive Democrats coalition government in Ireland: left-right differences, coalition performance and mandate theory.
Arayik Haryriyan Rethinking the Formation of Party Identification
Jordan Hollander Non, Merci! Nein, Danke! No, Grazie! Na, Engraziel! – Lessons from the 2009 Swiss Referendum to Ban the Construction of Minarets.
Eanna Kelly Combating the Radica Right: Explaining Variation in RR Electoral Performance with Party Strategy.
Courtney Mallon Explaining State Commitment to the UN Trafficking Protocol.
Robert O'Donoghue Creeping Secularisation: Evaluating Variance in the extent to which Irish Citizens Value Religious Beliefs in their Politicians.
Linda Oldenburg Have anti-European and far right party groups in the European Parliament become more institutionalized over time?
Nicole Pomeroy An Exploration of the Determinants of Tax Morale in the EU-15.
Clarissa Unger Examining Turnout through a Compound Lens: The Effects of Social Capital in First and Second-Order Elections.
Markus Joakim Wartiovaara State Infringement of EU Environmental Law: Can National Constituencies ‘Buy’ Compliance/Violation?

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2010 Graduates – MSc in Comparative European Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Mark Canavan Geographically Targeted Allocation in Capital Health Expenditure in Ireland 1998-2004: Evidence of an Incumbent Electoral Strategy
Mark Carpenter A Comparative Study of the Effect of Teacher Union Strength on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Across the OECD
Alisha Clancy The European Commission’s Influence on European Court of Justice Decision-making: Evidence from Article 267 TFEU Preliminary Reference Procedure
David Dancey What are the determining factors behind EU military involvement in non-European intrastate wars from 1993 to 2009?
Gillian Mary Dunne Why does a more viable language policy exist in Catalonia and the Basque Country than in Valencia?
Oliver Paul Griffiths Explaining the Variation in Voter Support for The British National Party and British ‘Mainstream Parties’: The case of the 2010 British General Election
Emily Jean Ledford Agricultural Biotechnology: Explaining the Differences between US and EU Policies
Martin James Mc Kane The Expansion of the U.S. Federation: Theories of State Admission
Ita Sarah O Sullivan Why Does Turnout At Irish Referendums Regarding The European Union Vary?’
Edwina Love Pledge Fulfilment in Ireland from 2007 to 2010 with emphasis on an Environmental Party and the effects of Economic Crisis.
Kash Alexander Pontarolo Economic Determinants of Net Migration in Ireland: 1968-2008
William Quill The effect of transfers in elections and on the political culture in Ireland
Diego Scarabelli Does economic integration lead to political integration? A comparative study of the Zollverein and the EEC
Laura Maria Schwirz Reassessing the impact of information on voting behaviour – Counter-hypothesising Lupia's argument on voter competence: How more information led to a vote change at the second Irish referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon
Niall Patrick Sherry Green Party Support and Success Across Europe: An Analysis of National- and Policy-Level Factors
Josephine Amelia Shister When David Picks a Fight with Goliath: Why Developing and Least Developed Countries Initiate Disputes with the United States and the European Union Within the WTO
Ruairi Brian Vallely Retrospective application of the d'Hondt divisor method of sequential portfolio allocation to the coalition executives of the Republic of Ireland, 1948-2007
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2009 Graduates – MSc in Comparative European Politics

Name Title of Dissertation
Patrick Bourke Does the ethnic outbidding model adequately account for the shift in electoral support that occurred in Northern Ireland following the Good Friday Agreement of 1998?
Carl Dodd Common Security and Defence Policy (Military) Peace-Support Operations – What Best Explains the Variation in Participation by European Union Member States in these Operations?
Brian Doyle Do Multiple Tier Systems increase the number of parties?
Benjamin Alexander Hammer Parliamentary Behaviour of German Members of the European Parliament.
Brendan Hood Electoral Geography and Public Spending: Explaining Regional Variations in the Distribution of the EU’s Structural Funds."
Emmet Mac Raghnaill Does the Green Party have any effect on government policy: A study of the fulfilment of election pledges on environmental policy in Germany, 2002-2005.
Nicholas Mann Political Institutions and Development Aid: The Determinants of Tied Aid.
Meghan McBride Merger Control by the European Commission: Technocratic or Political?
Fiona McKeown Does a Green Party Minister bring about better compliance with EU Environmental Directives?
Natalie Marie Novick Do Campaigns Matter? The Contribution of European Union Referendum Campaigns towards Broad Political Knowledge.
Oliver-Lew Nikita The Role of Information in European Referendums
Kali Peterson Religious Identity and Church-Government Interaction in Post-Communist Europe.
Alice Marie Odile Powell British foreign policy in the Maghreb in the 21st century, influenced by EU policy?
Kelly Presley What influences post-Cold War Security Council elections in Europe: membership to international organizations, state-based resources or past election history?
Daniel Schultz Strategic Voter Learning: An empirical analysis of the influence of institutional constraints on strategic voting
Julian Zabkowski Privatisation Abandonment in Poland: Problems and Perspectives for the Macroeconomics of the State.

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Graduates of M.Phil in Political Science

Name Title of Dissertation
Tarjinder Gill New Labour and devolution in Scotland and Wales, 1994–1997 (2003)
Ronan Murphy

Public funding for Irish political parties: cartelisation or competition? (2005)

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