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Postgraduate Modules

A 5 ECTS postgraduate lecture module consists of approximately 18 hours of teaching (including tutorials and eventually laboratories) and a formal examination.

In addition, postgraduate students can take selected undergraduate modules (on condition they have not taken these modules as undergraduates).

Students should contact Helen O'Halloran (HOHLLORN at to register their intention to take a module.

All registered postgraduate students are required to complete a Progress Report at the end of each academic year i.e. the end of September for students who registered in September and the end of March for those who registered in March.  Please follow the link below and down load the template.

Progress Report Form

Please send the completed report to Helen O'Halloran (HOHLLORN at

Module Timings

Module Classes Weighting 2016/17 2016/17 2017/18
Number Name Hours ECTS Credits Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 1
PY5001 Electronic Structure (SS) 24 lect 5 Yes Yes
PY5003 Surface Science (CMcG) 18 lect 5 Yes Yes
PY5005 Bio-physics (MH) 18 lect 5 TBC
PY5006 Magnetism (JMDC) 18 lect 5     TBC
PY5011 Many Body Theory (CP) 18 lect 5     TBC
PY5012 Plasma Physics (PG) 18 lect 5   Yes
PY5017 Nanophotonics I (JD/PE) 18 lect 5 Yes  
PY5027 Nanophotonics II (LB) 9 lect 2.5   TBC
PY5028 Nanoscale Analysis (HZZ) 18 lect 5 Yes  
PY5020 Nanoscience (GC) 9 lect 2.5   TBC
PY5021 Magnetic Sensors (JMDC) 9 lect 5
PY5026 Introduction to Transmission Electron Microscopy (VN)
* to be taken through the School of Chemistry
8 lect + Lab 5 Yes
PY5025 Teaching for Physics Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (LB)
* Compulsory for all incoming postgraduates.
15 lect 5 Yes   Yes
PY5024 Practical Astrophysical Spectroscopy (BE) 9 lect 2.5 Yes    
PY4P04 Nanoscience (JNC) 20 lect 5 Yes
PY4P07 Advanced Topics: Polymers (JNC) 12 lect 2.5 Yes
PY4C01-1 High Performance Computing (GW) 9 lect 2.5 Yes
PY4C01-2 Numerical Methods (MM) 14 lect 2.5 Yes
PY4A03 Planetary & Space Science (PG) 20 lect 5 Yes
PY4A05 Cosmology (BE) 20 lect 5 Yes