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Group Member

Sean Blake

PhD Researcher

Tel: +353 (0)1 896 2157
Fax: +353 (0)1 671 1759


I graduated from TCD with a degree in Physics and Astrophysics in 2013. As part of my undergraduate degree, I completed two internships in the Dublin Institue for Advanced Studies Geophysics group, which I hope will help during my PhD. My project straddles geophysics and solar physics, so depending on the social situation, I can realistically call myself a geophysicist or astrophysicist. When not sciencing, I like to play computer games, poker and piano (with more enthusiasm than skill). I also like reading science fiction and ancient history books.


My project is focussed on determining what effect adverse solar activity could have on the Irish power network. Solar events such as CMEs and high energy flares can cause variations in the terrestrial magnetic field, which can ultimately cause stray currents in conductors (such as transmission lines). These geomagnetically induced currents can destroy transformers and cause severe disruption to transmission systems. My PhD is concerned with making a near-real-time warning system which could forewarn of geoeffective space weather.