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Emma Norton

Postgraduate Student
CRANN 2.26
Phone: +353-1-8963808
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Emma Norton is a Postgraduate Student working in the area of Transparent Conducting Oxides.


I joined the APRG group as a postgraduate student in September 2013, after a summer research project in the group in 2012.

In June 2013, I completed my undergraduate degree (First Class Honours) in Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials from Trinity College Dublin.

PhD research

I was awarded an Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Scholarship in 2013 to begin studying interface formation of n-type Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) such as; Indium Tin Oxide and p-type TCOs such as; Cr2O3:Mg.

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, plasma assisted growth of metal oxides and other Ultra High Vacuum studies comprise a large part of my research. I also partake in research trips to MAXlab, Lund University, Sweden for X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy studies.

Trinity Walton Club

I am Physics Educator in a Pilot Scheme STEM weekly Saturday club for 13-14 year olds. It is an exciting joint venture between three Trinity College Dublin schools: Physics, Education and Maths. The club provides opportunities for young adults to:

  • Develop their critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Increase their depth of STEM knowledge
  • Encourage individuals to become more interested and engaged in STEM
Trinity Walton Club