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Laser Safety

Training and Registration

It is imperative that you complete the laser safety training and registration process before commencing work on Class 3B and 4 Laser systems. Laser safety training workshops are run every year by the College Laser Safety Officer (CLSO). Notice of these workshops will be emailed to you by the CLSO directly or through an appropriate member of staff in your section of the college. To become a registered user within the college you must attend the workshop and complete an online assessment.

The online assessment is hosted on the college BLACKBOARD system, you can access it by going to and logging in with your college username and password. You can then search for 'laser' or 'laser safety' which will then take you to the Laser safety Module where you can self enrol.

The online assessment and materials will also act as the preliminary registration process for users who are required to work with laser systems in the college immediately and before they are able to attend a Laser Safety workshop. Materials are provided on the site in 2 sections. Section 1 has 4 videos that must be viewed, section 2 has a slide presentation going into more detail on topics such as selecting laser protection eyewear. When finished you must check the box under the individual sections to confirm you have reviewed the material. Then you can complete the assessment, you can save the test even if it is incomplete and you may also refer back to the materials to help you.

People who have attended the workshop can check the review boxes and start the assessment straight away, if they need to they can also go back to the materials or the print outs of the notes given to them in the workshop. If you have any difficulties please refer to the help files on blackboard or you can contact the CLSO

BLACKBOARD online registration and assessment