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Jose Groh
Assistant Professor, Physics

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Thöne C.~C, de Ugarte Postigo A, Leloudas G, Gall C, Cano Z, Maeda K, Schulze S, Campana S, Wiersema K, Groh J, de la Rosa J, Bauer F.~E, Malesani D, Maund J, Morrell N, Beletsky Y, SN 2015bh: NGC 2770's 4th supernova or a luminous blue variable on its way to a Wolf-Rayet star?, \aap, 599, 2017, pA129- Journal Article, 2017

Poletti D, Fabbian G, Le Jeune M, Peloton J, Arnold K, Baccigalupi C, Barron D, Beckman S, Borrill J, Chapman S, Chinone Y, Cukierman A, Ducout A, Elleflot T, Errard J, Feeney S, Goeckner-Wald N, Groh J, Hall G, Hasegawa M, Hazumi M, Hill C, Howe L, Inoue Y, Jaffe A.~H, Jeong O, Katayama N, Keating B, Keskitalo R, Kisner T, Kusaka A, Lee A.~T, Leon D, Linder E, Lowry L, Matsuda F, Navaroli M, Paar H, Puglisi G, Reichardt C.~L, Ross C, Siritanasak P, Stebor N, Steinbach B, Stompor R, Suzuki A, Tajima O, Teply G, Whitehorn N, Making maps of cosmic microwave background polarization for B-mode studies: the POLARBEAR example, \aap, 600, 2017, pA60- Journal Article, 2017

Smith N, Groh J.~H, France K, McCray R, Ultraviolet spectroscopy of the blue supergiant SBW1: the remarkably weak wind of a SN 1987A analogue, \mnras, 468, 2017, p2333 - 2344 Journal Article, 2017

Yaron O, Perley D.~A, Gal-Yam A, Groh J.~H, Horesh A, Ofek E.~O, Kulkarni S.~R, Sollerman J, Fransson C, Rubin A, Szabo P, Sapir N, Taddia F, Cenko S.~B, Valenti S, Arcavi I, Howell D.~A, Kasliwal M.~M, Vreeswijk P.~M, Khazov D, Fox O.~D, Cao Y, Gnat O, Kelly P.~L, Nugent P.~E, Filippenko A.~V, Laher R.~R, Wozniak P.~R, Lee W.~H, Rebbapragada U.~D, Maguire K, Sullivan M, Soumagnac M.~T, Confined dense circumstellar material surrounding a regular type II supernova, Nature Physics, 13, 2017, p510 - 517 Journal Article, 2017

Groh J.~H, Predicting the nature of supernova progenitors, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series A, 375, 2017, p20170219- Journal Article, 2017

Corcoran M.~F, Liburd J, Morris D, Russell C.~M.~P, Hamaguchi K, Gull T.~R, Madura T.~I, Teodoro M, Moffat A.~F.~J, Richardson N.~D, Hillier D.~J, Damineli A, Groh J.~H, The 2014 X-Ray Minimum of $\eta$ Carinae as Seen by Swift, \apj, 838, 2017, p45- Journal Article, 2017

Richardson N.~D, Madura T.~I, St-Jean L, Moffat A.~F.~J, Gull T.~R, Russell C.~M.~P, Damineli A, Teodoro M, Corcoran M.~F, Walter F.~M, Clementel N, Groh J.~H, Hamaguchi K, Hillier D.~J, To v$_â, $ and beyond! The He I absorption variability across the 2014.6 periastron passage of $\eta$ Carinae, \mnras, 461, 2016, p2540 - 2558 Journal Article, 2016

Mehner A, Steffen W, Groh J.~H, Vogt F.~P.~A, Baade D, Boffin H.~M.~J, Davidson K, de Wit W.~J, Humphreys R.~M, Martayan C, Oudmaijer R.~D, Rivinius T, Selman F, Dissecting a supernova impostor's circumstellar medium: MUSEing about the SHAPE of $\eta$ Carinae's outer ejecta, \aap, 595, 2016, pA120- Journal Article, 2016

Mehner A, de Wit W.~J, Groh J.~H, Oudmaijer R.~D, Baade D, Rivinius T, Selman F, Boffin H.~M.~J, Martayan C, VLT/MUSE discovers a jet from the evolved B[e] star MWC 137, \aap, 585, 2016, pA81- Journal Article, 2016

Gull T.~R, Madura T.~I, Teodoro M, Clementel N, Corcoran M, Damineli A, Groh J.~H, Hamaguchi K, Hillier D.~J, Moffat A.~F.~J, Richardson N.~D, Weigelt G, Lindler D, Feggans K, The fossil wind structures of Eta Carinae: changes across one 5.54-yr cycle, \mnras, 462, 2016, p3196 - 3220 Journal Article, 2016

Teodoro M, Damineli A, Heathcote B, Richardson N.~D, Moffat A.~F.~J, St-Jean L, Russell C, Gull T.~R, Madura T.~I, Pollard K.~R, Walter F, Coimbra A, Prates R, Fernández-Lajús E, Gamen R.~C, Hickel G, Henrique W, Navarete F, Andrade T, Jablonski F, Luckas P, Locke M, Powles J, Bohlsen T, Chini R, Corcoran M.~F, Hamaguchi K, Groh J.~H, Hillier D.~J, Weigelt G, He II $\lambda$4686 Emission from the Massive Binary System in $\eta$ Car: Constraints to the Orbital Elements and the Nature of the Periodic Minima, \apj, 819, 2016, p131- Journal Article, 2016

Weigelt G, Hofmann K.-H, Schertl D, Clementel N, Corcoran M.~F, Damineli A, de Wit W.-J, Grellmann R, Groh J, Guieu S, Gull T, Heininger M, Hillier D.~J, Hummel C.~A, Kraus S, Madura T, Mehner A, Mérand A, Millour F, Moffat A.~F.~J, Ohnaka K, Patru F, Petrov R.~G, Rengaswamy S, Richardson N.~D, Rivinius T, Schöller M, Teodoro M, Wittkowski M, VLTI-AMBER velocity-resolved aperture-synthesis imaging of $\eta$ Carinae with a spectral resolution of 12 000. Studies of the primary star wind and innermost wind-wind collision zone, \aap, 594, 2016, pA106- Journal Article, 2016

, The Polarbear-2 and the Simons Array Experiments, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2016 Journal Article, 2016

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Shivvers I, Groh J.~H, Mauerhan J.~C, Fox O.~D, Leonard D.~C, Filippenko A.~V, Early Emission from the Type IIn Supernova 1998S at High Resolution, \apj, 806, 2015, p213- Journal Article, 2015

Meynet G, Chomienne V, Ekström S, Georgy C, Granada A, Groh J, Maeder A, Eggenberger P, Levesque E, Massey P, Impact of mass-loss on the evolution and pre-supernova properties of red supergiants, \aap, 575, 2015, pA60- Journal Article, 2015

Steffen W, Teodoro M, Madura T.~I, Groh J.~H, Gull T.~R, Mehner A, Corcoran M.~F, Damineli A, Hamaguchi K, The three-dimensional structure of the Eta Carinae Homunculus, \mnras, 442, 2014, p3316 - 3328 Journal Article, 2014

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Groh J.~H, Early-time spectra of supernovae and their precursor winds. The luminous blue variable/yellow hypergiant progenitor of SN 2013cu, \aap, 572, 2014, pL11- Journal Article, 2014

Aartsen M.~G, Abbasi R, Ackermann M, Adams J, Aguilar J.~A, Ahlers M, Altmann D, Arguelles C, Arlen T.~C, Auffenberg J, et al, Search for a diffuse flux of astrophysical muon neutrinos with the IceCube 59-string configuration, \prd, 89, (6), 2014, p062007- Journal Article, 2014

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Miroshnichenko A.~S, Manset N, Zharikov S.~V, Zsargó J, Juárez Jiménez J.~A, Groh J.~H, Levato H, Grosso M, Rudy R.~J, Laag E.~A, Crawford K.~B, Puetter R.~C, Reichart D.~E, Ivarsen K.~M, Haislip J.~B, Nysewander M.~C, LaCluyze A.~P, Confirmation of the Luminous Blue Variable Status of MWC 930, Advances in Astronomy, 2014, 2014, p130378- Journal Article, 2014

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Groh J.~H, Meynet G, Georgy C, Ekström S, Fundamental properties of core-collapse supernova and GRB progenitors: predicting the look of massive stars before death, \aap, 558, 2013, pA131- Journal Article, 2013

Moriya T.~J, Groh J.~H, Meynet G, Episodic modulations in supernova radio light curves from luminous blue variable supernova progenitor models, \aap, 557, 2013, pL2- Journal Article, 2013

Groh J.~H, Meynet G, Ekström S, Massive star evolution: luminous blue variables as unexpected supernova progenitors, \aap, 550, 2013, pL7- Journal Article, 2013

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Lobel A, Groh J.~H, Martayan C, Frémat Y, Torres Dozinel K, Raskin G, Van Winckel H, Prins S, Pessemier W, Waelkens C, Hensberge H, Dumortier L, Jorissen A, Van Eck S, Lehmann H, Modelling the asymmetric wind of the luminous blue variable binary MWC 314, \aap, 559, 2013, pA16- Journal Article, 2013

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Madura T.~I, Gull T.~R, Owocki S.~P, Groh J.~H, Okazaki A.~T, Russell C.~M.~P, Constraining the absolute orientation of $\eta$ Carinae's binary orbit: a 3D dynamical model for the broad [Fe III] emission, \mnras, 420, 2012, p2064 - 2086 Journal Article, 2012

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Groh J.~H, Nielsen K.~E, Damineli A, Gull T.~R, Madura T.~I, Hillier D.~J, Teodoro M, Driebe T, Weigelt G, Hartman H, Kerber F, Okazaki A.~T, Owocki S.~P, Millour F, Murakawa K, Kraus S, Hofmann K.-H, Schertl D, Detection of high-velocity material from the wind-wind collision zone of Eta Carinae across the 2009.0 periastron passage, \aap, 517, 2010, pA9- Journal Article, 2010

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Damineli A, Hillier D.~J, Corcoran M.~F, Stahl O, Levenhagen R.~S, Leister N.~V, Groh J.~H, Teodoro M, Albacete Colombo J.~F, Gonzalez F, Arias J, Levato H, Grosso M, Morrell N, Gamen R, Wallerstein G, Niemela V, The periodicity of the $\eta$ Carinae events\dagger\Dagger\sect\para, \mnras, 384, 2008, p1649 - 1656 Journal Article, 2008

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Groh J.~H, Damineli A, $\eta$ Car recovering from the 2003.5 spectroscopic event, Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, 5492, 2004 Journal Article, 2004



Elected member of the International Astronomical Union Committee G2 Massive Stars: highly prestigious honor that highlights my position of leadership in the discipline. 2014-present

Nominated Irish Managing Committee Member of the Horizon 2020/COST action ChETC. My role is to ensure that the Irish and TCD interests will be taken into account in this action related to nucleosynthesis. 2017-present

Referee for international research funding agencies: evaluate and select proposals for research funding for NWO (Netherlands), FWO (Belgium), ISF (Israel), and CONYCIT (Chile). Over 4 Million Euros of budget. 2016-present

Referee for leading scientific peer-reviewed journals: ApJ, A&A, MNRAS, and AJ. I peer-reviewed 4 papers in 2016/17.

Conference Organization: major role in the Scientific Organizing Committee of 3 conferences in 2016 (Prague, Athens, New Zealand) and 2 in 2017 (Dublin and Armagh). 10 conferences in total.

8 Invited keynote talks at international conferences (2016-17). 16 in total.

Member of the Hubble Space Telescope Time Allocation Committee: this is the leading astrophysical facility, and I evaluated 85 proposals of observing time and selected the best proposals for observing time. 2016

Member of the ESO Observing Panel Committee: world-leading telescope, I evaluated 180 observing proposals per year. 2015-2016

Member of the Scientific Consortium of UVmag, a satellite proposed to ESA for the M5 call. 2014-present

Internal Examiner for 2 TCD Master Transfer Exams 2016-present

Awards and Honours

Irish Research Council New Foundations Award (EUR 5000) 2017

Irish Research Council Postgraduate Fellowship Award to supervise Ms Murphy (EUR 81000) 2017

SSAA IAU Travel Grant Award (EUR 1500) 2015

Enterprise Ireland Horizon 2020 ERC Consolidator Proposal Support Award (EUR 2900) 2016

MERAC Foundation Award (EUR 3000) 2013

Ambizione prize of the Swiss National Science Foundation (EUR 360 000) 2012-2015

Max-Planck-Society Postdoctoral and Advanced Awards
(EUR 150 000) 2012-2015

CNPq Visiting Pre-doctoral Award (EUR 15 000) 2005-2006

FAPESP Doctoral Fellowship (EUR 40000) 2003-2007

CNPq Undergraduate research award (EUR 1000) 2000-2003

Telescope time awards at the world largest telescopes and satellites, including the Hubble Space Telescope and European Southern Observatory (worth > EUR 200 000 in value) 2001-present


Member of the International Astronomical Union 2009 – present

Member of the Astrophysical Science Group Ireland 2016 – present

Member of the Swiss Society for Astrophysics 2012 – present

Member of the Brazilian Astronomical Society 2004 – present