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Metals, Semimetals and Semiconductors for Spinelectronics - PhD thesis, submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, with the School of Physics, Trinity College, Ireland.

pdf PhDThesis.pdf (26 MB) ps (110 MB) DjVu PhDThesis.djvu (3,182 KB)

Transfer report, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a transfer to the PhD register, with the Department of Physics, Trinity College, Ireland.

pdf TransRep.pdf (3,865 KB) ps (35 MB) DjVu TransRep.djvu (535 KB)

Synthesis, structure and properties of some manganese perovskites - Thesis submitted for the degree Bachelor of Science in Physics, with the Department of Physics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, in Bulgarian.

pdf BScThesis.pdf (769 KB) ps (5,531 KB) DjVu BScThesis.djvu (284 KB)

Reference work on Nonlinearities in diode lasers and harmonic generation as a result of junction heating, in Bulgarian.

pdf RefWork1.pdf (186 KB) ps (643 KB) DjVu RefWork1.djvu (92 KB)

Reference work on Adaptive and recursive procedures for Monte-Carlo integration, in Bulgarian.

pdf RefWork2.pdf (214 KB) ps (738 KB) DjVu RefWork2.djvu (96 KB)

Reference work on Nuclear magnetic resonance.

pdf RefWork3.pdf (268 KB) ps (813 KB) DjVu RefWork3.djvu (143 KB)

Last updated: Apr 23 2012.