Paul Eastham

Photograph of Paul Eastham

Research Interests

My group and I create theories, in the form of mathematical models, of the behaviour of photons and electrons in semiconductor nanostructures and related systems. These theories synthesize and explain experimental results, predict new effects, and guide the development of future devices. Some current research topics include For more information see my My current PhD students are David Racine and Kyle Ballantine.

PhD/Masters Opportunities

At present I have no funded places available, but can help with applications for both internal and external scholarships (e.g. School of Physics postgraduate awards, Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarships).

I have a range of projects on offer, in the general area of theory of quantum light and matter. Example topics are dynamical phases of polariton condensates; photonic topological quantum computers ; and quantum control and decoherence in solid-state qubits.


Nanophotonics I: Quantum Theory of Microcavities (graduates, PY5017) Electron and Photon Physics: Quantum Theory of Light (Senior sophister, PY4T02 part 1)

Quantum Mechanics II (Senior sophister, PY4P01); see blackboard for notes and problems.

Nuclear Structure (Junior sophister, PY3P05 part 2); see blackboard for notes and problems.

Tutorials (Junior freshman, Senior freshman)

Junior Freshman Physics Labs (PY1P10/20, Hilary term)

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