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Call for Papers - International Symposium on Advanced Organic Photonics (ISAOP-9)

General Information

The group, under the direction of Professor Werner Blau, is associated with Materials Ireland Polymer Research Centre and encompasses researchers from the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and computer simulation. Thus a unique, multidisciplinary environment has been created for research and education.

The group's facilities include a fully functional organic synthesis chemistry laboratory, device fabrication and testing laboratory, various LASER systems, including a state of the art femtosecond mult-wavelength system and optical, electrical and magnetic resonance material characterisation facilities. Due to their unique combination of processibility and semiconducting properties organic materials now rival inorganics such as silicon in certain areas of electronics and optoelectronics.


Research Interests

Research in the group focuses on production, characterisation, theory and electronic applications of organic polymers, nanotubes and polymer nanotube composites. Potential applications of these materials such as in displays using light emitting diodes and field emission devices are also actively studied. In particular, investigations into individual organic molecules, which can be assembled to perform functions identical to transistors, diodes and conductors, are being carried out. 

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