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Magnetism and Spin Electronics
Professor Michael Coey
department of Physics

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Professor Michael Coeyjcoey


Birthplace: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Professor Emeritus Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy (1724) from 2007-2012


B.A. Cambridge University (England) 1966
Ph.D. on Mössbauer Effect of 57Fe in Magnetic Oxides, University of Manitoba (Canada) 1971
Diplôme d'Habilitation: INPG Grenoble (France) 1986
Sc.D. on Magnetic and Electric Properties of Iron Minerals, University of Dublin (Ireland) 1987

Research Interests:
Magnetic, electronic, and structural properties of solids, spin electronics, amorphous materials, physical properties of minerals, magnetoelectrochemistry, magnetobiology.

Visiting Scientist/Professor:

IBM, Yorktown Heights1979    Univerity of Paris (VI)1992
Institute of Physics, Peking   1980University of California, SanDiego   1997
McGill University1982Florida State University1998
University of Bordeaux1984University of Paris (XI)1998
CEN-Grenoble1985Le Mans University2001/3
Johns Hopkins (APL)1986Strasbourg University2006
University of Singapore2012-

Member of Royal Irish Academy (Vice President 1989/90), 1987
Fellow of Institute of Physics, 1984
Doctor honoris causa Institute National Polytechnique Grenoble, 1994
Charles Cree Medal and Prize of Institute of Physics, 1997
Fellow of the Royal Society, 2003
Foreign Associate of National Academy of Sciences, 2005

Gold Medal, Royal Irish Academy, 2005
Distinguished lecturer, IEEE Magnetics Study, 2006
Albert Einstein Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010
Humboldt Prize 2013

"Magnetic Solutions Ltd" 1994

Publications: 650 papers and four books, mostly on magnetism and magnetic materials, 22,000 citations, h=65

Selected Publications:

  1. Patterning metallic electrodeposits with magnet arrays, P. Dunne and J. M. D. Coey, Phys. Rev. B 85 224411 (2012)
  2. Permanent magnets plugging the gap. J. M. D. Coey Acta Materialia (2012) 67 512-529
  3. Magnetic water treatment, How might it work? J. M. D. Coey Philosophical Mag. (2012) 92 3857-3865 (2012)
  4. Introduction to magnetic oxides, J. M. D. Coey, M. Venkatesan and H J Xu, in S. B Ogale, T Venkatesanm editors Functional Oxides: New Science and Novel Applications Wiley,Weinheim 2013 Ch 1.

To clear my desk and to weed my garden

Favourite Drink: Champagne


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