Trinity College Dublin

Foams & Complex Systems Group


EUFOAM 2016 conference
3–6 July 2016, Trinity College Dublin

August 2015: One PhD position available. Details here.

10 most recent publications:

  • Drenckhan W, Hutzler S (2015), Structure and energy of liquid foams, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 224 1–16
  • Weaire D, Hutzler S (2015), Foams, in Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics, by N. Higham, 737–740
  • Whyte D, Weaire D, Drenckhan W, Hutzler S (2015), The relative energy of fcc and hcp foams, Philosophical Magazine Letters
  • Richmond P and Roehner B (2015), The detection of cheating in multiple choice examinations, Physica A 436 418-429
  • Meagher AJ, Whyte D, Banhart J, Hutzler S, Weaire D, García-Moreno F, (2015), Slow crystallisation of a monodisperse foam stabilised against coarsening, Soft Matter
  • Meagher AJ, García-Moreno F, Banhart J, Mughal J, Hutzler S (2015), An experimental study of columnar crystals using monodisperse microbubbles, Colloids and Surfaces A 473 55-59
  • Whyte D, Murtagh R, Weaire D, Hutzler S (2015), Applications and extensions of the Z-cone model for the energy of a foam, Colloids and Surfaces A 473 115-122
  • Hutzler S, Murtagh RP, Whyte D, Tobin ST, Weaire D (2014), Z-Cone model for the energy of an ordered foam, Soft Matter 10 7103-7108
  • Garcia-Moreno F, Tobin ST, Mukherjee M, Jimènes C, Solòrzano, Kumar V, Hutzler S, Banhart J (2014), Analysis of liquid metal foams through X-ray radioscopy and microgravity experiments, Soft Matter 10 6955-6962
  • Mughal A, Weaire D (2014), Theory of cylindrical dense packings of disks, Phys. Rev. E 89 042307

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  • Tomas Saraceno: Cloud - Specific Tomás Saraceno: Cloud — Specific by Meredith Malone.

    This book includes an interview with Denis Weaire and many images of foam structures taken by the group

    Philosophical Magazine Special Issue of Philosophical Magazine: International Workshop on Packing Problems edited by Stefan Hutzler.
    Philosophical Magazine Econophysics and Physical Economics by Peter Richmond, Jürgen Mimkes & Stefan Hutzler published by Oxford University Press.

    "The three authors are all experts in the field and have made seminal contributions to many aspects of econophysics. Their book is packed with interesting figures and thoughts."
    Thomas Peters, Book Review, Contemporary Physics, 2014

    Photos and videos from book launch