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Foams & Complex Systems Group


August 2014: One PhD position available

Recent publications

Philosophical Magazine Special Issue of Philosophical Magazine: International Workshop on Packing Problems edited by Stefan Hutzler.
Philosophical Magazine Econophysics and Physical Economics by Peter Richmond, Jürgen Mimkes & Stefan Hutzler published by Oxford University Press.

"The three authors are all experts in the field and have made seminal contributions to many aspects of econophysics. Their book is packed with interesting figures and thoughts on, to name a few, speculative bubbles, online betting markets and intermarriage in binary societies. I recommend it to anyone interested in the fascinating and interdisciplinary subject of econophysics."
Thomas Peters, Book Review, Contemporary Physics, 2014

Photos and videos from book launch

  • Oscillator ran at the Science Gallery from 8 February – 14 April 2013.
Packing Problems conference
  • Packing Problems conference was hosted by the group in Trinity College Dublin from 2–5 September 2012.
  • Media coverage of the Packings Problems conference and recent research by the group was featured in The Irish Times.
Weaire–Phelan structure
  • First realisation of the Weaire–Phelan structure in experiment announced in November 2011.
  • Media coverage of the research by the group on the Weaire–Phelan structure in Physics World.