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Texts I

Module Code: PI2014

Module Name: Texts I

  • ECTS Weighting: 10
  • Semester/Term Taught:

    Michaelmas Term/Semester 1


    Hilary Term/Semester 2

    [Students take a Broad Curriculum module (5 ECTS)]
  • Contact Hours: 22 hours of lecture and 10 hours of tutorial
  • Module Personnel: Lecturers -Dr. Kenneth Pearce (email); Prof. Lilian Alweiss (email);

Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this module, students will be able to:

  • Explain Berkeley's immaterialism.
  • Explain the main arguments for this thesis in the Principles.
  • Engage in close reading of philosophical texts in their historical context.
  • Reconstruct philosophical arguments found in historical texts.
  • Critically analyze philosophical arguments found in historical texts.
  • Interpret and evaluate the work of Sartre
  • Defend philosophical interpretations of these texts

Module Content -

Michaelmas Term/Semester 1

This is a problem-based course, comprising the following components:

Component 1: Berkeley's Principles  - Dr. Kenneth Pearce (email)

In this component, we will be reading George Berkeley's first presentation of his immaterialism (idealism), the Treatise on the Principles of Human Knowledge (1710). Special attention will be paid to the historical context of Berkeley's thought, to the arguments for immaterialism, and to the content of Berkeley's own metaphysical system. In addition to deeper understanding of Berkeley's philosophy, students will hone their skills in close reading of texts and in rigorous philosophical reconstruction and analysis of arguments.

Component 2: Sartre’s Being and Nothingness - Professor Lilian Alweiss(email)

We shall be reading Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre, which is sometimes described as a “bible” of existentialism. We shall focus in particular on the problems of freedom, existence, bad faith and the other.

Module Content -

Hilary Term/Semester 2

Students take a Broad Curriculum module (5 ECTS)