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As part of a European Commission funded project co-ordinated by The NEIL Programme, we have developed the Hello Brain campaign, which aims to promote health research and healthy ageing, with a focus on brain health.

Hello Brain provides easy-to-understand scientific information about brain health. This information will be provided through a range of channels, including short online films, an interactive website, a feature-length documentary and a mobile app.

We hope that you enjoy viewing these films, which are available below. You can also view the films and find more information about this campaign on

Can your memory go completely?


How does memory work?


When should I be concerned about my memory?


I have trouble remembering things - am I getting dementia?


Why is attention important?


I have Alzheimer's disease - what can I do to help myself and improve my day-to-day life?


What can you do to keep your brain healthy?


How can we include people with dementia in our community?


What's the difference between Alzheimer's disease and dementia?


I'm a doctor - is there a good way to check out a memory complaint?

Last updated 26 July 2018

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