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As part of a number of our current projects, we are developing short, online films that aim to answer common questions related to brain health and memory loss. The aim of these films is to communicate scientifically grounded information to the public in a fun and accessible manner.

FreeDem Films

FreeDem Films

FreeDem Films are a series of 10 quirky online films designed to address common concerns about memory loss and dementia.

These films were developed by the NEIL Programme with support from GENIO.

The films can be viewed on our FreeDem page, or on If you would like to purchase a copy of these films on DVD, they are available on the FreeDem website ( or from the Trinity College Library Shop.




Hello Brain hello brain logo

Hello Brain is a campaign that provides easy-to-understand information about brain health.

As part of this campaign, we have developed a series of short online films, along with an interactive website, a mobile app, feature-length documentary

The filsm can be viewed on our Hello Brain page, or on the campaign website:



Last updated 26 July 2018

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