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NEIL Memory Research Unit

What is the NEIL Memory Research Unit?

In November 2011, NEIL established a Memory Research Unit at Trinity College Dublin, under the direction of Professor Ian Robertson, Professor Brian Lawlor and Dr. Sabina Brennan. The purpose of this unit is to collect rich and comprehensive data from a large number of healthy adults aged 50+, with the aim of furthering understanding of memory and related processes, and the aspects of our lives that influence these processes as we age. Since May 2015, we have also been collecting data at a satellite Memory Research Unit in Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre, Co. Cork, as part of a collaboration with the HSE.

Individuals aged 50+ are invited to take part in a comprehensive session at our Memory Research Unit, during which measures of memory, attention and related processes are taken, along with measures of various aspects of health and lifestyle that may impact on our memory as we age. All research volunteers are provided with a personalised feedback report, containing information that can help us to 'stay sharp' as we get older. Participants are also invited to return for a follow-up session, two years after their first assessment.

To date, we have collected baseline data from almost 1,000 older adults, and almost 400 of these participants have returned for a follow-up session.

Building Relationships

An important feature of our approach at the Memory Research Unit is our emphasis on building a long-term relationship with our large group of research participants. We will invite interested participants to partake in follow-up assessments. Research volunteers may also be invited to participate in other NEIL studies. Our research volunteers are very important to us, because without them we cannot further our understanding of memory and ageing. Their crucial role in our research will be acknowledged, and they will receive regular updates on our progress, on news and events within NEIL and be kept updated with the latest scientific information. We hope that by focusing on building relationships with our participants, we will be able to collect a significant amount of information over the coming years.

May 2015: Satellite Memory Research Unit now open in Cork

We are delighted to have opened a satellite Memory Research Unit in collaboration with the HSE, at Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre in Cork. If you would like to take part in our research at the Cork centre, please contact Dr Cormac Sheehan at 086 4128797 or email


Last updated 26 July 2018

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