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Dr. Michelle Kelly (Early Intervention Coordinator)

Dr Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly is Early Intervention Coordinator with NEIL and the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI). In collaboration with the NEIl research team and ASI staff, Michelle is responsible for the research, development and delivery of a system of evidence-based interventions that are responsive to the needs of people with early stage dementia. She is currently working with dementia researchers, professionals and experts, and with people living with dementia and their families, to ensure the design and delivery of the most appropriate evidence-based interventions.

Michelle's background is in behavioural psychology, with a Doctorate in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Therapy. Her doctoral research employed the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) to investigate implicit attitudes of individuals working with vulnerable populations. Her doctoral research paper is currently under review for publication. In addition to research and academic experience, she also has comprehensive experience working in applied settings; using evidence-based interventions with individuals with developmental disabilities. She is on the board of directors of ABA Ireland and is affiliated with the Psychological Society of Ireland. Her current research interests include interventions to prevent cognitive decline, evidence-based interventions for early-stage dementia, assessment and reduction of stigma, implicit cognition and the IRAP, relational frame theory (RFT), behaviour analysis and behavioural interventions.

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Conference Presentations

Kelly, M. & Barnes-Holmes, D. (April, 2011). Using the IRAP to measure social acceptability of behavioural interventions. Paper presented at the Conference of the British Psychological Society, Northern Ireland (BPS-NI).

Kelly, M. & Barnes-Holmes, D. (April, 2011). Developing the implicit relational assessment procedure (IRAP) as a measure of treatment acceptability. Paper presented at the Division of Behaviour Analysis (DBA) Annual Conference.

Kelly, M. & Barnes-Holmes, D. (November, 2010). Employing a word-based implicit relational assessment procedure (IRAP) to assess treatment acceptability. Paper presented at the Psychological Society of Ireland Annual Conference.

Barnes-Holmes, Y. & Kelly, M. (May, 2006). The implicit relational assessment procedure (IRAP): How reliable is the IRAP? Paper presented at the Association for Behaviour Analysis 32nd Annual Convention, Atlanta, Georgia.

Kelly, M. & Barnes-Holmes, Y. (April, 2006). Faking implicit attitudes: Exploring the robustness of the implicit relational assessment procedure. Paper presented at the 28th Annual Congress of Psychology Students in Ireland (Award received for outstanding research and communication).

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