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Hello Brain

A campaign to promote brain health, healthy ageing and brain research.


Our mission... increase the societal impact of health research. ASAPS (A Sharing Approach to Promoting Science) is a project funded by The European Commission, under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and led by Sabina Brennan, Assistant Director of NEIL. ASAPS aims to promote health research and healthy ageing. At the core of our concept is the promotion of science and health through sharing.

ASAPS logo We are...

An international consortium of respected scientists, award winning media professionals and advovates with a vision to change the face of science and health communication.

Hello Brain is our first campaign, and focuses on brain health and brain research. As part fo this campaign, we will deliver a multi-lingual package of films including online short films and a 60 minute documentary suitable for TV broadcast, a sustainable digital platform, an interactive website, mobile smart phone applications, Europe-wide events and packs containing DVDs, leaflets, and posters for GPs and other key stakeholders.

Hello Brain provides easy-to understand scientific information about brain health. Hello Brain logo

We want you to have a healthy brain!

Research is showing that 'modifiable' lifestyle factors can help to protect brain health and function, and we want you to benefit.

Your brain is one of the most complex systems we know of in the Universe, and as with all living things, the environment affects how it works.

For your brain, that environment is how you live, how physically active you are, how much you engage with other people, how you sleep and eat and whether you occupy your brain with tasks that can strengthen it.

Here's how you can learn more..

Visit our website - - to learn more about the cells and structures that allow you to think, feel, learn and communicate.

You will learn about how the brain changes with age, and that decline is not an inevitable part of ageing.

You will also learn tips and tasks you can do now to help you enjoy good brain health as you get older.

Welcome to your brain.

Last updated 24 July 2014

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