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Seminar Series

The NEIL Seminar Series was developed to allow for active engagement with academia, and to promote dialogue about cognitive ageing among the academic community. As part of this series, a number of high profile speakers have already visited NEIL, including Professor Linda Clare, Professor Yaakov Stern, Professor Lars Nyberg and Sandra Black MD. Details of future seminars will appear in our news feed - if you would like to join our mailing list, please fill out our online form or email us.

'Imaging Cognitive Reserve' - Professor Yaakov Stern

Professor Yaakov Stern Professor Yaakov Stern

This seminar took place on Wednesday 8th May 2013 in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, Room LB11 (Lloyd Building).

NEIL Seminar Series

From left to right: Professors Newell, Robertson, Nyberg, Reilly, Bodke, Barrett and Kenny.

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