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Stereotyped views of ageing and stigma relating to dementia and Alzheimer's disease prevent open discussion, and result in the false belief that nothing can be done for people with dementia and their families. A lack of understanding and frequent misinformation mean that people often construe the memory loss seen with cognitive decline as 'normal' for older people, and do not seek medical help or assessment. As a result of stigma associated with dementia, people frequently fail to seek help for treatable conditions; for fear that they may be given a diagnosis of dementia. Furthermore, while there is considerable scientific evidence that modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet, physical activity and participation in mentally stimulating activities are beneficial for our brain health throughout our lives; many people are unaware of the importance of engaging in these behaviours for their cognitive health.

At NEIL, we believe that an increased understanding and awareness of cognitive ageing and dementia can help to counteract stereotyped views; to increase recognition of - and subsequent help-seeking for - cognitive decline; to create a more inclusive society for people of all ages to live in; and to promote lifestyle changes that are beneficial for our brain health. We aim to increase understanding and awareness of these issues by providing clear and accessible information via a range of outreach activities within the community, aimed at people of all ages.

Read more about our outreach activities below:

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Last updated 26 July 2018

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