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NEIL Photo Gallery

Are you tired of being portrayed as 'over the hill' at over 50? At NEIL, we want everyone to be positive about being 50+ - and we want the images we display on our website to reflect real people, real lives and a positive attitude to getting older, and wiser!

If, like us, you are tired of seeing stereotyped images of older adults, and would like to see more images that reflect the reality of being over 50, send us a photo that shows you, or people you know, being positive about being 50+!

We want to display images on our website that show the diverse range of experiences invovled in the active and engaged lifestyles of many over 50s today. Use your imagination and creativity to show us what life is like for you at 50+!

We will keep our online photo gallery regularly updated with the photos we receive, and all photographers will be acknowledged on our website. Each month, we will select our favourite photo from the gallery to be dislayed on our home page - and special acknowledgement will be given to the winning photographer. We will also display some of your photos on various pages throughout our site and in some of our information materials.

If you would like to submit a photo to be displayed on our website, please email us the photo along with your name and contact details to

Please note that by sending us your photographs you are confirming that you have permission to use these photos, and you are giving permission for them to be displayed on our website ( or in our information materials.

Last updated 31 July 2012

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