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Our aim is to develop a research and intervention programme aimed at finding novel methods to enable independent functioning, reduce chronic disability, address health and social inequality and improve quality of life for elders. Key outcomes that NEIL aims to achieve include:

  • The establishment of a series of research trials to identify the optimum methods for enhancing brain function in elderly people at high risk for dementia.
  • The development of low-cost technologies for delivering optimal brains stimulation methods. In order to do this, we will harness new technologies in e-healthcare and modern telecommunications in order to develop, evaluate and deliver neuro-enhancement, in combination with biomedical therapies, to older people worldwide - with the help of national and international health, social, industrial and academic partners.
  • The development of optimal arrangements for engaging at-risk elderly people in an educational preventative context.

In order to achieve our goals, we will focus on the exploitation of funding opportunities, the creation of partnerships, the continuation and dissemination of current research and the development and initiation of new research projects. We will create a clinical and research infrastructure to facilitate the acceleration of methods to delay dementia.

Building relationships

We have forged important financial, industrial and academic research partnerships, and continue to nurture new relationships that will enhance the overall success of NEIL. We have established, and will continue to establish, research associations with academics working in the field of cognitive ageing and dementia prevention. We also continue to build important relationships with research volunteers and members of the public.

NEIL Project Schematic (PDF 160kb)

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Last updated 26 July 2018

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