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Towards a Solution

A new paradigm for promoting independence

Ageing research at Trinity College has given rise to a highly interactive community of researchers from a range of disciplines. Out of this context arises a possible new paradigm for dealing with ageing inequalities, cognitive impairment and dementia on an international basis. TCD is uniquely placed to deliver this because of its combination of closely collaborating researchers from neuroscience, old age medicine, old age psychiatry, psychology, social policy and bioengineering.

The NEIL programme is a highly complementary, interdisciplinary network, which aims to maximise brain function in elderly people by providing targeted brain stimulation methods, partly in collaboration with other treatments; to accelerate the development of methods to delay dementia; and to promote active and healthy ageing. NEIL aims to deliver and evaluate brain-enhancing stimulation, in combination with other treatments where appropriate, to the whole population, not a priveleged few.

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Last updated 26 July 2018

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