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NEIL (Neuro-Enhancement for Independent Lives) was established, with philanthropic funding from Atlantic Philanthropies, to create a research infrastructure to accelerate the development of methods to delay dementia.

The Problem

Failing cognitive function prevents millions of older adults globally from living independently.

Two women looking at laptopThe Goal

Enable independent living and improve quality of life by:

  • Conducting research aimed at dementia prevention and cognitive enhancement;
  • Transforming this knowledge into empirically grounded interventions;
  • Using this knowledge to educate and empower older adults to maintain their cognitive function for as long as possible.


Building the field and coordinating research will accelerate the development of methods to delay dementia, attract more and better targeted funding, improve research efficiency and economic efficiency, and increase the likelihood of attaining our goal.

Risk and protective factors can be identified through research. Scalable interventions can be developed to maintain cognitive function. Engaging adults in an educational-preventative context can change brain health behaviours and extend independent living through cognitive empowerment.

AssumptionsResearch Equipment

There exists sufficient numbers of researchers and key stakeholders with appropriate expertise in the filed, willing to collaborate and engage in coordinated action towards a common goal.

There exists large-scale funding that could be allocated to infrastructure, research, and intervention development and delivery.


Last updated 26 July 2018

Enhance / Enable / Educate / Empower